Exposed: How Anybody Can Make A Billion Dollars

The old rich white men laughed and labelled my family poor. That just motivated me even more.

Even though they were right. And everything my siblings and I ever wore was once worn before.

You see, I lived it all. From going to school wearing clothes bought from garage sales, being scared shitless I was going to be the butt of somebody’s joke to being the only coloured kid in my homeroom – telling my momma, “Please don’t cry – I’ll bring home the big money soon.” 

I don’t know why I exposed those truths.

Maybe it’s because I’m sick and tired of watching the world burn.

Maybe it’s because I’m sick and tired of watching people struggle.

Maybe it’s because I know how it feels to be down and out – itching, crawling, fighting, desperately looking for a way out. But not knowing where to find the exit. I don’t know. But I don’t really care.

The only thing I care about is giving you this information. I don’t give a fuck about anything else.

I’m not here to sell you a bullshit e-book, seminar, or mastermind group. I’m not a motivational guru. And I don’t want your money. Keep it.

I’m just here to shed light on some real shit that may end up adding a bunch of zeros to your bank account.

What real shit, you ask?

I’m going to break everything down. And change the way you view the world. Because I’m sick and tired of watching everyday people struggle to make money.

You want to make real money?

You want to set your family up for three generations?

You want to finally stop stressing and worrying about money so you can actually start to live?

Don’t we all, you say.

I hear you – I hear you loud and clear, my friend.

In fact, I hear you so loud and clear that I’m going to expose the entire system to you.

I’m going to show you why the game you’ve been set up to play isn’t going to make you rich.

I’m going to do it because I’m tired of seeing goodhearted people never make it. 

Through this article, I hope to change that. Tall order, I know. But I think I can do it. Scratch that, I know I can do it.

Before we begin, the first thing you need to realize is everything in the world is marketing and branding. The things you believe, the perceptions you have of certain races, the beliefs you hold about money were put inside you by institutions.

Free will is a joke.

Everything you believe, everything you deem to be “original thought” actually isn’t original at all – it’s been planted inside you. You’ve been conditioned to think what you think, believe what you believe, and to eat what you eat.


This isn’t some conspiracy theory.

It’s just socialization.

The reason why you hear the name “Mohammed” and get struck with fear is because of marketing. The reason why you see a black man and cross the street is because of marketing. The reason why you see a white man and immediately hand over your trust is because of marketing. The reason why you shit bricks at the airport when you see my Uncle wearing a turban is because of marketing lol.

The media, the large institutions, and the ones who own the factors of production have beat these messages into your skulls, over and over and over again until you think and identify with these beliefs. And the reason why you think “If I simply work hard and pay my dues, I’ll get rich” is because of marketing too.

Remember the “American Dream?”

The definition of the American Dream: The ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. The ideal that you could achieve the American Dream only by hard work.

Man if the American Dream isn’t the biggest pile of bullshit – I don’t know what is.

The truth of the matter, the truth of the matter that they’ll never tell you is “The American Dream” is designed to keep you broke. And you’ll know exactly why by the end of this article.

They’ll never tell you, but I will…

The “American Dream” is one big marketing ploy to profit off the backs of working class people.

The more people that buy into the American Dream, the richer the rich get.

How do I know this?

Because I used the American Dream to make money too (I don’t mean that in a bad way – if you keep reading I’ll show you exactly how you can too).

You can take an average, working class person with a great work ethic and you can make a killing off his efforts.


You just have to keep telling that working class man, “If you keep working hard, one day you too can have that car/house/yacht” – in the meantime you can leverage his skills, talents and ambitions to get rich.

The only one getting rich is you, the hard nose capitalist. Not the working class man.

Sounds like exploitation? Maybe so but we fall for it every single day. This is why they labelled my family poor.

This is the way the world works. This is capitalism at its finest.

The working class man never gets rich because marketing taught him and retaught him to keep his head down and work hard. Marketing taught him to pay his dues, do what he’s told, and maybe one day he can get the house with the white picket fence.

But let me tell you something, my friend…

You can keep your head down and work your ass off your entire life but you’ll still never get rich IF…

You keep playing a game you are doomed to lose.

I know working class people who busted their ass their entire life, I’m talking working 12 hour days for decades on end and they’re still stuck in poverty.

I’m talking about the single mother of two who struggles every single day, puts in the long hours, but still never gets ahead.

I’m talking about the blue collar worker who literally breaks his back every day to make a dollar yet never has enough money to enjoy the finer things.

I’m talking about the teacher who busts her ass trying to teach the leaders of tomorrow while she’s living pay check to pay check.

These are the everyday people, the everyday people marketing has tricked into believing if they simply work hard, they will one day get the good life.

And that shit breaks my heart.

Because do you want to know the truth?

The truth is these people will never get ahead.

They’ll never be able to retire their parents.

They’ll never be able to pay off their debts.

They’ll never be able to live how they want.

Heck, most of these people will have to work until they die.

Sad, but true. And here’s why:

Marketing, socialization, and good old conditioning have tricked eighty percent of the population to make money by either:

1. Working for hours
2. Getting paid a salary

Let me show you why you’ll never get rich by following the two paths above, no matter how much money you make.

Working for hours 

It doesn’t matter if you’re making $8 an hour or you’re making $100 an hour – you’ll never get rich if you’re getting paid by the hour.

Here’s why…

There’s a limit on how many hours you can work. Only 24 hours in a day.

Even if you work 12 hour days and get paid $100 – your yearly income is only $288,000 pretax.

The media, marketing, and socialization again will tell you this is big money. It’s not.

Don’t believe me?

Make that much money and see what you can get from the world.

You won’t get much.

But that’s besides the point because most of us will never even earn close to $100 an hour – heck, most of us are content and satisfied with thinking $30/hour is good money (that’s only $86,400 pretax if you work 60 hours a week).

Stop thinking small, my friend. Stop thinking small, my friend.

Working for hours isn’t going to make you real money – it’s only going to rob you of your time.

But what about…

Getting a high paying job 

This is what working class people dream about, after all.

They tell their children to become accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors, and investment bankers.

I know because I’m from an immigrant family and you know how that shit goes…

My parents told me, “Son you can be anything you want in life…as long as it’s a doctor or engineer.”

I’m joking, but you get the point lol.

Again, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these careers. If you want to do these jobs, great. More power to you.

But if you want to get rich, let me tell you why these careers will never make you rich, regardless of how much money you make.

Let’s take a corporate lawyer for example – they make a killing, right? I mean, once they’ve paid their dues, lost hair from stress, and their wives have left them because they were never home – they can pull in about $300,000 a year.

That’s insanely good, right?

Nah bro.

Let’s break that shit down, into cold hard numbers.

If you’re not familiar with how most of these high paying jobs work, you basically have to put in a shit ton of hours, and you’re not allowed to receive payment for all your hours worked (billable hours < hours worked).

So let’s break it down below:

$300,000 a year.

12 hour days (if you’re making this much money, you’ll probably have to work more than 12 hours – but let’s be conservative and use the 12 hours as a benchmark).

You’ll usually have to work 6 days a week.

Total yearly hours worked: 3,456

Total yearly compensation/Total yearly hours worked: $300,000/3,456 = $86/hour

Are you willing to trade 3,456 hours from the prime years of your life in exchange for $86 an hour? Is that how much your life is worth?

I don’t know. Maybe you are. Maybe you aren’t.

That’s your choice.

But you’re still only making $300,000 a year from doing so. Again, this type of money won’t get you much.

Comfortable life? Sure.

But at what price? You’re giving all your time to make $300,000 pretax – meaning you don’t have any time left to spend with your children, spouse, or friends.

Wise people always tell me, “Relationships are the only thing that’s important in life.”

I don’t know if they’re right or wrong, but if you work 12 hours a day to make only $300,000 – you won’t have much time left to raise your children, visit your parents, or travel the world with your girl.

And what sucks even more is…

You’re still not rich.

There was a time when $300,000 could get you A LOT, but that time was in the 1900’s.

We’re living in a new day and age. And these careers will not provide you with riches, no matter how hard you work.

It’s not just lawyers – the same can be said for high paid accountants, doctors, investment bankers, and engineers.

Yet what does marketing teach us and condition us to believe?

We should all go out and stack up large amounts of student loans to pursue these careers.

Did you ever sit back and wonder why society values the careers listed above?


It’s because they’ve been marketed, socialized, and conditioned to view these careers as “status” careers. People are vain, they want to look good in other people’s eyes. By becoming these big shot professionals, they earn status and are made to look better than their peers.

So why did the big institutions push these careers in particular as the “status” careers?

Because colleges need to make bank, government needs to make bank, and the large institutions need to make bank. And so they market these careers to be the holy grail because they require the most amount of post secondary schooling.

Federal loans account for approximately $21.5 billion – the more people they get to pursue these careers by taking out large student loans, the more money somebody is making.

And here’s a little hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink…

That somebody is not you.

It’s the ones who own the factors of production.

You’re getting financially raped, meanwhile someone’s getting caked.

The world’s quite fucked, isn’t it?

I feel you.

And that’s why people always tell you, “Just find your place in the world and make do.” 

In other words, these people are basically telling you to shut up and live with it.

I don’t like these types of people lol.

And if you’re reading a stupid ass blog with the stupid ass name, “What’s The Point Of Living Average?” – I’m willing to bet these types of people aren’t your favourite either.

So, how do you turn everything around and make a killing?

How do you actually get rich?

How do you actually make big money that gets you not only comfort, but everything the world has to offer?

Good question.

I’ll tell you my step by step plan and I won’t even charge you $500 for a one hour “consultation.”


Step One: Stop Letting Marketing Run Your Life

If I can sell you the American Dream, I can sell you anything.

Did you know 80% of those in power are old, white, Christian, males?

These individuals own majority of the factors of production. From the banks to the media outlets.

If you owned the media, the banks, and Hollywood – what would you do?

You’d use marketing to push your own agenda, right?

An agenda that makes you money while the rest of the world fights over scraps.

Well, that’s exactly what they do. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it – in fact I love it (I’ll tell you why in a second).

But just think about it.

If a black man commits acts of violence, he’s labelled a thug.


Because every time you see a black man portrayed in the media through movies or television – what side do they show? The side that sells crack, carries a gun, and wreaks havoc in the streets.

It’s no wonder why you think what you think. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

If a brown man commits acts of violence, he’s labelled a terrorist.


Because every time you see a brown man portrayed in the media through movies or television – what side do they show? Well to be fair they usually show two sides. One is the nerdy type (think Raj from Big Bang Theory lol) and the other is the one that’s blowing shit up.

It’s no wonder why you think what you think. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

If a white man commits acts of violence, he’s labelled to have a mental illness.


Because every time you see a white man portrayed in the media through movies or television – what side do they show? The perfect side.

So ask yourself…

Who are the people that are doing the labelling, forming these interpretations, and pushing these beliefs out to the society at large?

Well, it’s the ones who own the networks, the stations, and the media outlets – it’s the ones who own the factors of production. Again, it goes back to the old, white, male, Christians. They’re using their power to form perceptions for you.

This isn’t a knock against the old and powerful. I actually get a real good kick out of it because this is the power that capitalism can give you.

I also know that it’s not their fault.

Because if brown people owned all the factors of production – we’d do the same thing.

If black people owned all the factors of production – I think they’d do the same thing.

If Asian people owned all the factors of production (I think they soon will) – I think they’d do the same thing too.


Because it’s human nature. We’re driven to be better than the people around us. It’s no different when it comes to race.

It’s the same shit.

One race wants to be better than the next. Blah. Blah.

And that’s never going to change. Heck, there’s even fights between individual races because of marketing.

It’s like high school all over again.

But what does this have to do with anything? It has everything to do with everything.

In other words, you have to stop listening to the marketing society pushes onto you – it’s designed to keep you broke, miserable, and afraid of the big bad world. Just because society tells you something is right, doesn’t make it right. And vice versa. This is true when it comes to careers, jobs, and money. And basically for everything else too.


Because society has an agenda. Everybody has an agenda. It’s just reality.

Instead of letting society form your perceptions for you, you have to take a step back and escape the matrix.

You do that by becoming your own person, thinking your own thoughts, and forming your own judgments.

This is the first step to getting really really really rich.

Step Two: Factors of Production 

Do you know why working class people never get rich, regardless of how hard they work?

Do you know why the American Dream is such bullshit?

It’s because it conditions working class people to work hard for something they don’t own.

Look, I don’t know about you, but…

If I’m going to put in 40+ hours a week, sacrifice my health, give up time with my loved ones, and develop aches and pains in my back…

I better fucking own the thing I’m working on.

If I don’t own it – what’s the point?

$300,000/year pretax isn’t going to drastically change your families life.

No amount of salary they could pay would drastically change your life (unless you become an executive/partner but then you’re actually not an employee anymore, you become an owner – hence my point).

So if you want to start making real money, you have to start owning shit.

Yet what do most of us do?

We make a little bit of money and rush out to buy the latest toy.


Because we’ve been marketed to do just that so they can keep us down and out.

The ones in power have pushed an agenda onto the working class to look “rich” at all costs, even when they’re actually struggling – that’s why the dude with the Louis V belt, the designer shades, and the latest iPhone is usually broker than you.

People go into debt to buy things to impress girls, friends, and random strangers.

And it all comes back to…


People behave how they were conditioned to behave.

Here’s a dark truth…

People would rather be perceived as “rich” than actually be rich. It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy world, my friend.

This is why you have to stop letting marketing run your life.

You have to resist the urge. And instead of going out and spending your money on toys – you should put it into ownership.

Purchase businesses, properties, and other assets – I know you want the Lamborghini’s and I do too, but first you have to be smart. Then, you can ball out. Trust me on this.

Step Three: Create Your Own World, Scale It, And Push Your Own Marketing 

You know who ends up getting filthy rich?

The people who profit from those who choose to believe in the American Dream.

Do you know why the working class man never gets rich?

Because he’s only one man – there’s only so much he can do.

The key to getting rich is to leverage other people’s talents, ambitions, and skills.

It used to take me years on end to make five figures. Now I can make that in less time than you’ve ever believe. What’s more is I don’t have to break my back, spend my mornings in traffic, and my nights at the office. This is the power that ownership can give you.

After you start owning the factors of production, it’s time to…

Create your own world. Spread your marketing. And leverage people to grow your enterprise.

Do the above and you go from being one man to having an army working for you.

And guess what?

That entire army is working to make you rich.

You went from being the working class man, slaving for hours to the man who owns the factors of production, paying people by the hour.

This is capitalism. And that’s how you get rich.

Not six figure rich. But billion dollar rich.

In summary…

1. Stop listening to society – everything you’re being told is designed to keep you average and broke. 
2. Start where you are and work for hours or a salary – do whatever you have to do to feed your family. 
3. Save your money. 
4. Put it into ownership. 
5. Leverage people. 
6. Free up your time 
7. Scale 
8. Get seriously rich.
9. Run the world. 

Tej Dosa
1:03 am
Vancouver, BC