How to Feel Alive

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are only two types of people that make up this world…

1. People who live

2. People who exist

The people who live are the ones who feel alive. The people who exist are the ones who carry a dead soul. The former create an extraordinary and vibrant life, the latter create an ordinary and mediocre life.

Which one do you want? The former?

Thought so.

If this is the case, you have to start doing what the former party does so you can get what the former party gets, a rich and lavish life.

Do you know what the former party does?

They fucking take risks.

Risk makes you feel alive.

Throughout my years, there have been tons of principles that life has deemed to be false, but one principle has stood the test of time, that principle is expressed in the following quote…

“Life is lived out on the wire…the rest is just waiting.” – Karl Wallenda

In other words, life begins when you put something at risk.

Risk creates discomfort, excitement, and the thrill that comes with the unknown.

These emotions in return fuel you with life. They fuel you with the presence to live in the moment.

When I look back at my past experiences, I felt the most alive when I put something at risk.

Whether it was jumping out of a plane (skydiving), performing stand up comedy, or starting a business, the risk that came with these endeavors fueled me with life.

Risk makes you feel alive. Never forget it.

The opposite of risk, retreat, makes you a sucker who just exists. Never forget it.

So you can either sit there and keep living within the lines, not venturing into the unknown or you can do what successful people do and take risks.

Face risk head on.

It is only through risk that you can become the greatest to ever do what you do.

A life lived without risk is a life wasted.

So embrace risk and feel the emotions that come with it or continue to live a dull and mediocre life. Venture into the unknown and take back your right to live or retreat to your normal ways and continue to carry a dead soul.

Choice is yours.

But I just want to leave you with one thing…

When you’re on your death bed, you’re going to search through your mental memory in an attempt to pick out moments in which you were fueled with life.

If you don’t take any risks today, you won’t have any stories to remember tomorrow.

You won’t become a success story, you won’t change the world, and you will definitely not die happy.

So take the leap of faith and shoot for the stars or be willing to leave this earth as a sucker.

A sucker that lived without living because he was too pussy to take the leap.

When you’re old, gray, and can no longer dress yourself, it’s going to be too late to take the risk.

So do it today.

Start that business.

Move to LA and audition for acting gigs.

Quit your dead end job.

Approach the hot blonde you’ve been eyeing at the coffee shop for over a month now.

Whatever you have been putting up, get a jump on it.

If you fail, fuck it.

With risk comes the thrill of aliveness.

It’s better to fail and feel alive than it is to retreat and exist.

Let me say that again…


You weren’t built to exist.

You were made to live, my friend.

So jump off the cliff with boldness and aggression.

You never know…

It just might work out.