The 5 Year Old Boy



I have spent majority of my life trying to get in touch with my five year old self.

Because life was perfect when I was the five year old boy.

Sure we were on welfare, but it didn’t matter because I dreamed with eyes full of hope. There was nothing I couldn’t do. Failure wasn’t an option. The world was mine. Adventure ran through my veins and courage was the pulse to my life.

But as I grew up, I lost my five year old self…and I’ve been trying to find him ever since.

The problem is I don’t know where I lost him.

Maybe I lost him in the bottles of overpriced liquor I drank.

Maybe I lost him in the dull jobs I worked.

Maybe I lost him in the frowns my face wore.

Who knows? But all I know is I must find him.

Because all great creation and all great men and women are five year old beings.

Everyone else is a grown up.

They always told me to “grow up”, to “stop dreaming”, and “to accept responsibility.”

So I did…thinking they knew better.

And here’s what happened…

They took away my dreams and replaced it with a mortgage, school loans, and dull work.

They told me I could have my dreams back once I did x or paid y off.

What the hell. I didn’t sign up for this. But it happened.

It happened because “growing up” is a trap.

Because you see…

Grown ups don’t win the game of life, only five year old boys win the game of life.

Grown ups move, but don’t move forward.

Grown ups travel, but leave their souls at home.

Grown ups touch, but they don’t feel.

When they were five they painted the best picture, but now all they do is base the worth of their picture in relation to their peers pictures.

When they were five, they were the center of the show, but now they’ve become wallflowers. Not the pretty kind either. Instead, they are the flowers that haven’t seen sunlight in ages. They’re on their last breath, barely hanging on.

I don’t want to live like this anymore.

I want to be. I want to feel. I want to imagine.

I want to be full of life again.

I want to strip away all that I have learned.

I want to unlearn.

I want to rediscover my curiosity.

I want to be five years old again.

I see a pretty girl with red hair and ripped jeans.

She wants to be five years old too, I can sense it.

I wave and she sits down.

The world is moving, but we are still now.

At home, at peace, at equilibrium. Overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Stillness. The thing we lose when we reach adulthood.

I have finally found it.

To think I’ve been searching for my five year old self and all along it has been living on the park bench overlooking the water…fifty feet away from my home.


The discovery startles me.

For once, I can sit back and take in all that life has to offer.

I’ve lived in the same place for years now, but just today I’m noticing the calmness of the water and the beauty of the flowers.

I take a deep breath and soak it all up.

I’m at peace.

Then my phone rings and I’m reminded I have to rush to an urgent meeting.

The peace disappears.

Once again, I travel, but I leave my five year old self on the park bench.

And just like that the struggle of adulthood becomes apparent once again.

Everyday we must try to move forward, everyday we must make money to feed our families, and everyday we must make progress on our dreams.

But everyday we must also return to nature and reclaim our five year old self.

Because our five year old self makes greatness possible.

Our five year old self is the starting point of all great discovery, of all great creation, and of all great adventure.

The moment we forget about our five year old self, we suffer.

We become stressed, worried, and fearful.

We become plagued with bad health, bad thoughts, and bad energy.

No way to live. No way to be. No way to create.

You must learn to embrace your five year old self again.

You must learn what it feels like to feel again.

And all you have to do in order to make that happen is you have to get out in nature and take quiet time. Think of absolutely nothing as you feel the water, travel barefoot in the grass, look at the ocean, and sit on the park bench.

Leave your iPod at home, shut your phone, and immerse yourself in nature. Do it everyday for as long as you possibly can. Even if you can only do it for five minutes. Do it.

I started this article by stating that all great men and women are five year old beings…and it’s true.

Read autobiographies on self made people  and you will discover that they were dreamers, expressive, and bold. But more importantly, they all had a love for nature. From Steve jobs to Richard Branson. Connecting with nature is a common theme.

Nature is the truest form of life and the truest form of five year old being.

There’s something about touching a tree and looking at a beautiful sunset.

It reminds you what it’s like to feel again.

It returns you to your essence.

The thing you lost once you “grew up.”

Scientifically, taking quiet time in nature has proven to rewire your brain and make you more creative.

I don’t know about that. I’m no scientist, but what I can tell you is if you take quiet time in nature every single day…

You’ll become happier, creative, and more determined.

Ideas will come out of nowhere. Life will radiate from your pores. Love will surround you and your eyes will possess a glimmer of hope.

In other words…

Your five year old self will find you.

Like it found me.

Once it finds you, you’ll wonder how you lived without him for as long as you did.

Because once you find it.

Nothing is the same.

It’s like seeing color for the first time.

You move from a black and white world to a life full of color.


A life full of color where anything and everything is possible.

Before I go, I just want to leave you with a great tune and video.

Watch it till the end for it beautifully explains what I have been talking about.

Passenger – Scare Away The Dark

Thanks for reading. Talk soon.