How To Go From Being A Follower To A Leader

What are you right this second? Are you a leader or are you a follower? Do you rise and lead or do you stay silent and stay put? In order to change you have to be honest with yourself.

Leaders rise and followers diminish. Leaders were not born to lead, leadership is not something someone is born with. Leadership is the result of putting yourself in situations where you are looked upon as the person in charge to make the call that directs what your team members do.

Most people do not like the thought of becoming leaders because they are frightened with the increase level of responsibility they will be dealt with, but interesting to note along with responsibility comes opportunity. Bigger the risk bigger the reward.

Every great leader has bombed and failed and the blame therefore was cast upon them, but those leaders are the same ones that have led whether it be their people, their company or their peers to the promise land and in return have achieved massive success.

Look to any successful person who has achieved massive success in life and you will see a leader. You only got one life to live and only have one life to lead so why spend it hiding behind the curtains? Get out on the stage and lead. Direct your life in the direction you want it to go.

The Qualities of Great Leaders

Whether it be a leader on the basketball court or a leader of a fortune 500 company or a leader of the nation, the successful leaders all share a lot of common traits. These traits are the result of intense practice in putting oneself in uncomfortable situations. These uncomfortable situations is where the leadership traits are developed and nurtured. By putting yourself in leadership positions you will automatically bring out these traits. You have it in you, it’s just a matter of putting your fears aside and taking on a leadership role. That is the easiest and most effective way in nurturing your leadership qualities.

Great leaders all share common characteristics like I stated. First and foremost great leaders are not afraid to fail. How far do you think the presidents of the United States can go if they are characterized with fear of failure? Not very far since fear keeps them from taking any step forward no matter how small it may be. The fear of failure is surely felt, but it is never dwelled on. Instead action is taken in order to eliminate this fear.

Another trait all leaders share is being confident in oneself and in ones ability. All great leaders believe they have what it takes to succeed. All great leaders have the right mentality that success demands. Leaders of big companies like the late Steve Jobs was looked upon as one of the greatest to ever do it. He took Apple from his garage to the top of the world. Leaders have vision. Leaders are always three steps ahead of the game.

And lastly great leaders let others take the shine. Great leaders let others opinions be heard and acted upon. A leader is only as good as the people he/she is leading and the great leaders such as the Richard Branson’s of the world recognize that each human being has something to offer so a great leader does not shun, instead he/she encourages people to speak up and actually grants others more responsibility to lead.

All the characteristics are common amongst the greatest leaders of today’s times.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with how leaders think and behave it is time to bring about these traits within you.

Top 3 Tips On Becoming A Leader

These tips assume that as of now you are a follower and with the aid of these tips you will become a leader with practice. Hence these tips are designed to bring out the leader in you.

1. Speak Up

For followers this is probably the most important and hence the toughest step they must take in order to bring forth the leader in them. If you are taking the follower role as of now you have to let your voice be heard. You have to speak up and let your opinion be noted.

Enough of laying back and keeping all your ideas in your mind. It’s time to grant people the pleasure of what you have to offer.

The reason why followers do not do this is because they fear getting their thoughts and ideas scrutinized. You have to let this fear go and the best way to eliminate it is by constantly speaking your mind and presenting your ideas.

In today’s time our world is characterized with a team environment. The days of working alone are disappearing and the world is transitioning towards group oriented jobs so this is very important. Whether it be during your meeting, in a group project, or whatever, just speak up.

2. Be Bold

Sure you might be a shy fellow who fears being scrutinized by others, but it is amazing how well you can hide this fear if you act in a bold fashion. Your actions teach others how to treat you so if you act boldly you will will be granted with more opportunities and more responsibility. A lot of people are just like you and have the same fears so if you act boldly and take the initiative they will automatically begin to grant you a leadership role.

A great leader hides their fears and takes the initiative.

3. Take Responsibility And Make The Big Decisions

When it comes time to brainstorm some big decisions that your company has to make, speak up, be bold, and state your opinion on the matter. Sure you may be looked upon as the one to blame if things go astray but that is the beauty in being a leader. Along with this cast of blame comes the opportunity to learn and progress in your next leadership role. No one was born a natural leader so the best way to bring about this natural leader is to make some key decisions that others are scared to make. I’m sure you have some great ideas that would be very beneficial to your company and such, however you are letting fear stop you. Just spit that fear out and let your ideas be heard and when it comes to making decisions, make them.

If you are frightened by this idea you can take baby steps and slowly ease your way into this by making some big decisions in your own life first. It’s amazing at how many people let others decisions influence their life. Make your own decisions in your own matters. By taking responsibility of your life and making big decisions regarding the matters of your daily life you will notice that this will soon begin to rub off onto your professional career as well as other areas of your life.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where a leader is needed, don’t look upon others to take the initiative, instead take control and become the leader yourself.