What Is The Best Form Of Motivation?

The path to achieving great big dreams in life is accomplished by the aid of motivation. To put it simply, motivation is the fuel in the tank and it is what gets you up bright and early and ready to make your day matter regardless of the circumstances you are presented with. Motivated people almost always come out on top. If you lack motivation, you lack success. It’s pretty tough to accomplish something small let alone something big if you are not motivated to do so.

Motivation is a must and everyone knows this. Everyone also knows that the best form of motivation comes internally. If you can motivate yourself you will surpass everybody. Motivation that comes from external sources is subject to break. However, if you motivate yourself and possess internal motivation this can last forever and you can tune it up whenever you want.

It is obvious that internal motivation is the way to go, however there are ultimately two forms of internal motivation.

The two forms are…

1. Ego Orientation 

2. Mastery Orientation

Ego orientation is defined as the motivation one has to outperform others. This is a very common motivation source that many people possess. Most people simply want to beat others and that is what fuels their fire. Put a group of people together all competing for the same thing and the person who is characterized by ego orientation will work until they outperform others.

The second form of motivation is mastery orientation. Mastery orientation is characterized by personal improvement, effort, and perfecting new skills. Mastery orientation truly comes internally and is not focused around others and instead its about YOU. Mastery orientation is not about comparing yourself to others instead its all about beating your personal best. Comparing yourself to your own personal best keeps you improving and progressing on this road to success.

Therefore, with these two forms of motivation in mind, the question is…

What motivation of these two is the best to possess?

As you might have guessed, the best form of motivation is mastery orientation. The reason why mastery orientation is the best is because its all about you. However, in order to fully understand why its the best you have to realize what ego orientation prevents you from.

Ego orientation is only as good as the people around you. If the people around you are not up to par, you will only be motivated enough to beat them. However, if they are not the best then it is pretty easy to  beat them and you won’t really progress.

The problem with this is simple, if you are constantly comparing yourself to others and those others are not the best then you will not give a hundred percent, instead you will only give the minimum amount  needed to beat others. Therefore this motivation is not the best.

On the other hand, mastery motivation results in you constantly improving and giving it your all in every endeavor. A hundred percent is given and this is what truly results to progress being made and the achievement of everlasting success.