How My Girlfriend Helped Me Make 6 Figures…Without Even Knowing It

I was a lost boy who never believed in the lies Hollywood fed us. 

I never believed in the perfect ending or in the saying, behind every great man is a great woman. 

I didn’t need to. I thought I could take over the world, alone.

I was wrong.

Here’s why: 

This last year I’ve been able to see things I’ve never seen before, I’ve been able to do things I’ve never done before. And I’ve been able to make more money in less time than I ever thought possible. And it’s largely because of the woman in my corner. She’s been my rock throughout it all. 

And because of that realization, I’m writing this post.

Here’s how my girlfriend helped me make six figures…without even knowing it:

1. She helped me master the most important skill in the world

Before her, I kept the roads to my soul, closed.  

I was a lone bird, flying high…but cut off from the rest of the world. 

And because I never let anyone in…

It was tough for me to master the most important skill in the world.

What’s the most important skill in the world?


And for the majority of my professional career, I thought I sucked at sales.

I don’t know why…

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t relate. 

Maybe it’s because I hate small talk. 

Maybe it’s because I was afraid of rejection. 

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t build rapport. 

Or maybe it’s because I kept telling myself the bullshit reasons above.

I don’t know, but it kept me on the sidelines, away from making the big moves. 

Then she entered the picture. 

And she helped me break down the walls that separated myself from the rest of the world. 

Life became easier. And I found myself becoming comfortable in the most uncomfortable of situations.

Shortly thereafter, I started a new company. 


Unlike any of my past business ventures, the success of this new business would be based entirely on my ability to sell. In other words, I wouldn’t be able to hide behind my computer screen anymore – sigh. 

But for some reason, I didn’t fear it. Instead, I loved it. 

What’s more is…

I became really good at it. And I closed deals I never thought I could. My close rate was unbelievable. 

I felt like sales was something I was born to do.

Yet I would have never taken the leap…

If it wasn’t for her supportive nature. 

And what’s more is…

I wouldn’t have made the big money without her having destroyed the limiting beliefs I carried with me. 

In other words…

Only after she brought down my walls did my income go up. 

How could this be?

Business is sales. And sales is all about connecting with others, figuring out their pain points…so you can offer the best solution. If she hadn’t torn down my walls, I wouldn’t have been able to connect on such a great level. And I would have never been able to stack six figures in six months or so. 

2. She removed all preconceived limits

One day we were walking, hand in hand.

Strolling through the block, shooting the shit. And cracking jokes.

Then I mentioned in passing a lyric from a Drake song…

“I’m twenty five…sitting on twenty five mill.” 

And I felt her grip grow tighter, her pace slow down…and words escape her mouth that casually inquired about my dreams. And so, I replied by telling her some ‘reasonable’ dreams.

But she pressed on…almost as if she knew I was holding back. 

I was.

But after she pressed on, I found myself revealing…

One of my biggest income goal. 

A goal that would make ANYONE laugh.

I know because I’ve told people my goals that don’t even come close to this income goal. And I was met with laughter and ridicule for those ‘smaller’ goals – I could only imagine their reaction to this major goal.

And so…

I never told anyone this bigger goal.

But I told her.

And once I told her, I expected her to laugh. And dismiss it as being “unrealistic.”

You know? The typical reaction.

But she didn’t.

And that shocked me.

But what she did next was even more shocking…

Instead of laughing, she made me feel as if it was the most rational goal she had ever heard. And it was something that was well within my reach. 

That meant a lot to me simply because…

I had always viewed myself to be a ‘big dreamer’.

But after that simple interaction – I realized I had been walking around with preconceived limits set by the thinking of others. And she made me lose all that, instantly. And reclaim the feeling of being the little boy who had visions of conquering the world.

In other words…

She made me dream, a little bigger.

On your path to making six figures, a million, or even a billion – majority of the people you meet will dismiss your goals. And will label you to be a lunatic. At first, it won’t bother you. But the more you hear it, the more you’ll begin to doubt yourself.

And soon you’ll start to second guess yourself…

Maybe I am crazy.

Maybe I am being delusional.

Maybe I am being unrealistic. 

These thoughts will creep up. And they will blind you. And misguide you.

Shortly thereafter, you’ll start thinking and feeling and acting like everyone else.

Dreams that once set your heart on fire – you’ll sweep under the carpet. And you’ll settle for ‘ordinary’ dreams instead. This is a horrible mistake. 

And quite frankly, I would have made it. It was only a matter of time because…

I was tired of climbing the mountain…with no believers on my side.

I’ve been doubted by my friends…

I’ve been doubted by my colleagues…

I’ve been doubted by my parents…

I’ve been doubted by everyone. Including the voices inside my head.

But she didn’t doubt. She believed.


A splash of belief in an ocean full of doubts is all you need to succeed.

3. She helped me create the ideal world 

Each person carries with them a world. 

And when two people enter a relationship – both their worlds collide. 

And this collision gives way to a new world. 

It’s unique to only those two people. 

It has its own rules, policies and perspectives. 

Things you wouldn’t do before are now perfectly OK to do. 

Jokes you wouldn’t dare crack are now OK to crack. 

And on…and on…and on. 

It’s your world.

Soon it becomes your safe heaven. And the person you experience this new world with becomes your best friend. 

And you decorate your world in whichever way you please.

This is how relationships work. 

But there’s always been one major flaw with this…

Majority of the worlds created are incomplete. 

And that’s because…

The two people were incomplete to begin with. 

We weren’t incomplete. 

And when our worlds collided – it gave way to a new, complete world. 

A world characterized by adventure, support, trust, excitement, love, passion and ambition. 

Nothing seemed impossible in this new world. 

No dream seemed too big. 

No vision seemed unattainable. 

Our love knew no bounds. 

And ever since that day…

I knew I had found the world I always wanted to inhabit…

…but never thought I could. 

The long answer to how did my girlfriend help me make six figures can be found above. 

The short answer can be found below:

Live in a world like ours for a day and you won’t believe how easy it is to make six figures. 

I wrote this post to show you that the entreprenerual journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

If you find the right person, you can create the best world.

And create one hell of a life together – full of wealth, adventure, love, and the dreams you dreamed as little boys and girls – the dreams that once set your little hearts on fire. 

Tej Dosa 
12: 34 am
Vancouver, BC