How to Hit the Jackpot of Life

I saw them every morning on my way to school.

40 year olds, dressed in suit and ties, with their briefcases in hand.

Wearing a look of resent.

They were 40, but they looked 50.

The grind of all the years could be seen in the bags under their lifeless eyes.

But that didn’t matter.

Because they were immersed.

They were hungry. They were passionate. They were driven.

They wanted massive fucking success. They wanted fuck you money.

They wanted the world.

So they began early, during their twenties.

They got on the corporate grind.

Climbing the corporate ladder with dreams of becoming a partner.

When they hit the partner status, all would be achieved.

So they sacrificed everything and anything.

The corporate world did not appeal to them, quite frankly they hated their job, but the power that would come with being a senior partner did so they hustled.

They gave up years of their life for their job.

Night and day, overtime, first one in, last one to leave. The boss asked for it and they did it.

They missed out on all the important experiences of life.

Children’s graduation? Missed. They had to be in Toronto to negotiate a new settlement.

Wedding anniversary? Missed. Heck. Forgot about it is more like it.

Children’s birthday party? “Sorry Bryan, but daddy has to be in New York this weekend.” 

Inside they thought they were doing their family a favor.

They would rationalize and say “I’m doing this all for you. The sacrifices and heartaches will make sense one day.”

But they never did.

You see these folks eventually did go on to become partner.

They got their name on the wall.

They thought that would make them happy.

But it didn’t.

When they achieved their goal, they lost something inside them.

The drive was gone because the goal was attained, however, happiness and fulfillment was still lacking.

Now they’re 60.

Looking back at their life.

Their children are all grown up and their ex wives are happily remarried.

Their children don’t know them and they hardly know their children.

They missed out on life.

Alone they sit in a million dollar home.

One day not too far off in the future, the realization will hit them like a hard brick to the face.

They were so busy working and grinding that they didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

They were so zoomed in they couldn’t see the bigger picture.

You see they spent all their time searching for the jackpot of life when the jackpot of life was before them this entire time.

The jackpot of life wasn’t found when they became partner.

The jackpot of life wasn’t found when they received a cheque with six zeros.

The jackpot of life wasn’t found when they screwed the supermodel on magazine covers.


Sure, these pleasures filled them with fulfillment and happiness for a minute, but it never did last.

Because you see…

The jackpot of life is before you and it has always been before you.

The jackpot of life is in your son’s smile.

The jackpot of life is at your mother’s feet.

The jackpot of life is in your sister’s warm embrace.

You have already won.

You have already hit the jackpot, for you are alive and in the company of your loved ones.

Laughter and love is waiting to run through your veins.

So embrace it and take time out to enjoy it.


I’m not telling you to become lazy and just chill at home.

No fuck that shit.

Work hard. Take pride in being the hardest working motherfucker in the room. Attain massive fucking success. Make logical sacrifices. Sure, you won’t be able to attend every birthday party and make it home for every anniversary. But at the end of the day, when the sun goes down, and the day’s work is done, go home to your loved ones…and enjoy their company.

Stop looking at your fucking phone and actually be present.

Because in the end…

Money, prestige, and achievement will not intend your funeral.

Only people will.

So don’t forget why you’re grinding and working so hard.

You’re not grinding like a madman so you can make ten million dollars. You’re grinding like a madman so you can make ten million dollars for you and your loved ones.

You’re doing it for yourself and the people you love.

So hustle like a man possessed. Work nonstop. Grind it out. You’re not going to become a massive success any other way, but in the end when you buy that multimillion dollar home up in the hills, just make sure…

You have loved ones to live with.

A lot of people make the ten million dollars, but in the process they lose the people they love.

Don’t lose the people you love.

Keep them close.

Work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor with the people you love.

Every few months, turn off the cell phone, leave your laptop at home, take a few days off work and…

Go create memories to die for with the people you are willing to die for.

The end.

The inspiration for this article came from David Banner’s tweet below…