Hold On: One Day You Will Be Living Out Your Dream

Right now things may not be going too well. You may be at the worst period of your life. Filled with pain and gloomy days. You may be on the verge of losing faith and giving in. You may be contemplating giving up and settling for a mediocre life.

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However, you have to keep on pushing.

You have to keep moving forward. You have to keep on believing. Success throws a lot of tests your way in order to determine if you are worthy enough to succeed in life so you have to pass this test. The best way to pass this test is by keep pursuing your dreams. Keep chasing. Never saying “quit.” Never saying “stop.”

However, you may be so broken down that you are still contemplating throwing in the towel. Well you cannot. The reason behind this is because we never know what is going to happen tomorrow. You may not realize it now, but success is waiting for you down the line. If you just keep holding on and keep working your ass off, you will get there.

Right now your life may be characterized with rain, however down the line the sun is shining. It’s shining bright. It’s waiting for your presence.

Everybody has good days and everybody has bad days. That’s is apart of life. But in order to get over the bad days you have to go through them. However most people stop when they reach the bad days and don’t attempt to get through them and you know what happens to these people? Their whole life becomes consumed with bad days.

On the other hand, those that make it through the bad days that life throws their way, go on to succeed because bad days build character. They make you who you are. Therefore it’s very important that you keep it moving. You keep on pushing.

So with that noted, the next time you get down on yourself, remember that you have two choices…

1. You can continue to push and go after the good days that await you.


2. You can stop and let the rest of your life be characterized with bad days. 

The choice is completely up to you. Again, a lot of people will obviously go with the former choice, but it’s not about what you say that makes this decision, it’s about what you do. There’s not one person that wouldn’t want the first choice, however people’s actions suggest otherwise. You can say you want to continue to push all day long, but if you’re not doing anything about your circumstances then you are really just settling for choice number two.

It’s all about action.

So keep on trough-ting along. Wake up every morning with a smile on your face. There is always something to smile about.

If you cannot find a reason to smile, i’ll give you one and it’s a big one…


A lot of people aren’t living right now. A lot of people got their dreams cut short. You however still stand a chance regardless of your circumstances. So make all those people that passed on without accomplishing their dreams PROUD and the only way to do this is by achieving your own.

So remember…

The bad give rise to the good. Keep on going and have faith that it’s all going to work out in the end.