How To Increase Your Skill Level

Success boils down to skill. At the end of the day it all comes down to the skills you possess. We are all unique individuals and hence we all have our own set of skills. Skills are detrimental for success, however the problem with many is they let their old skills die down. By not nurturing their skills they soon become extinct.

It’s like the story I shared in a previous article awhile ago about the rabbit who was so focused on learning how to swim that he forgot how to hop. By not nurturing your skills you expose them to death.

With all that stated, it is vital that you begin to bring out the old skills within you and keep them alive and well.

This article hence is NOT going to focus on how to acquire new skill, but instead on how to bring out and keep your past skills up to date.

Many people think that once they learn how to do something, it’s over, it’s done, they can move on. Well, unfortunately this is not the case. Human beings need practice in order to reinforce concepts and skills. Therefore, if you aren’t practicing using your skills then they are pretty much going to expire.

You need to think of it like this, all the skills you possess have an expiry date, if you DON’T use them. So say you stop using the skill you learned  regarding how to become a better communicator, well after some time has passed that skill of yours will have expire and you will no longer possess it which has huge consequences.

Therefore, now that I have installed in you the fear of your skills possibly disappearing, lets focus on how to increase your skill level.

How To Increase Your Skill Level
The number one way to increase your skill level, whether you want to increase old skills or skills you recently developed is to continuously CHALLENGE YOURSELF. That right there is the key to not only maintain your skills, but to increase them as well.

Life is all about progression and the key to making progress in this game of life if to challenge yourself on a daily basis. The only way to improve your skills is to put them to the test. Put them against tough, difficult challenges and watch them blossom and grow.

For instance, alluding back to the skill of becoming a good communicator, in order to prevent that skill of yours from expiring you could participate in a variety of different challenges such as starting to public speak, or participating in speaking competitions.

Yes, this may definitely sound very scary to some of you, but this is the way to give your skills a great boost.

Allow me to share an example…

I want you to come up with the name of the greatest athlete on this planet. Got it? Alright, do you think that this person would have become that great if he/she was not faced with spectacular competition? For instance, what type of level would he/she have been on if they only faced off against people who were WELL BELOW them? Are you beginning to see the point?

Increasing your challenge level is a must in order to increase your skill level so I encourage you to challenge yourself and go up against those who you believe are well ahead of you. It will do wonders for your skill level.