How to Achieve ANY Goal (100% guaranteed)

This post is all you need to achieve ANY goal under the sun. Seriously.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do, or who you’re hoping to become.

After years of experimenting non-stop with countless different goal setting approaches, I have discovered the best. And since that cold winter day, all the goals I have set have come to fruition. And rightfully so, because it’s literally impossible for them not to.

It’s not magic.

It’s not luck.

It’s just a very simple process.

And it works, no matter what you’re trying to do.

Here it is:

1. Set ONE Yearly Priority Goal

Light fire to your huge lists.

This is the first step. I know it hurts to do, it hurts me to. In fact, every time I have to narrow down my list of what I want to accomplish, I wince in pain. And feel the juices of misery travelling through my bloodstream.

Still, I do it anyways.

Because focus, is all that matters, my good friend.

The more goals you have, the more fragmented your focus becomes.

And fragmented focus is the #1 reason why you aren’t as rich, healthy, and happy as you hope to be (don’t worry… we’ll fix that).

Fortunately, you don’t have to say goodbye to all your goals for good.

You just have to tackle them one-by-one.

So grab a bottle of wine, retreat to your favorite spot, and ask yourself:

“What is the ONE GOAL, that if achieved, would make 2018 the best year of my life?”

Feed your brain the above question.

Then sit back and let it wrestle through a bunch of options. Give it a day or two. No rush. I recommend carrying a notepad with you and jotting down answers of potential goals as they come.

Some will appear right away.

Others will take time.

Just keep writing them down.

Then wake up bright and early one day and glance through your entire list of potential goals.

While you do, ask yourself… “If I achieved this goal, by what percentage would it increase the quality of my life by?”

Find the ONE BIG goal that would improve your life the most.

And make this your #1 yearly priority goal.

In other words, this is your one and only focus for the year. It’s the most important thing you’ll achieve all year. So screw everything else.

2. Define your process

Got your one yearly goal down?

Cool. Cool.

Now it’s time to define your process (worry not… it’s easy).

Simply ask yourself:

“If I could ONLY do 3 things to achieve my yearly priority goal – what would those 3 things be?”

Why should you ask yourself this question?

Because it takes advantage of the 80/20 rule. Most of the actions we take in pursuit of our goals don’t really matter, they just waste our time. If you think about it, there’s really only a handful of actions you have to take to achieve any goal. Choosing only 3 activities/behaviors will force you to pick only what is important (so you save time and achieve your goals faster).

For example:

Let’s assume your goal is to lose 25 pounds.

Here’s what your potential process could look like:

Do cardio daily for 30 minutes.

Eat clean 80% of the time.

Drink 3 liters of water.

If your goal is to grow your info-business to $100K in revenue, here’s what your potential process could look like:

Get XX new leads a day.

Write 1000 words a day (content/emails)

Optimize your funnel

If your goal is to write a book, here’s what your potential process could look like:

Write 2 crappy pages a day.

Edit 1 page.

Read an author you like for inspiration.

Simple, right?


3. Block Out The First 4 Hours Of Your Day

Now that you’ve got your goal and process defined, it’s time to put it into action. Here’s how.

Go into your Google Calendar and block out the first four hours of your day.

If you have a job and you can’t do this, then block out four hours after work. I like mornings because it’s when my brain is the sharpest, but night time will work just fine as well.

Do you.

The important thing is you actually carve out 4 hours for the achievement of your goal (after all… this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING you specified… so you better find time for it :).

Once you do, all you have to do is…

Follow your process.

Do the 3 most important behaviors you defined.

Once you finish each, tick it off.

And you’re done.

If you finish before the four hours are up, you can either keep working on your goal or you can get up and live the rest of your life. Whatever. Doesn’t really matter.

All you have to do is your 3 most important behaviors each day.

If you do, you win.

That’s it.

Do this every single day and your goal will come to fruition 85% of the time.

What?! 85% of the time? I thought you said 100%, Tej?

If you want your goal to come true 100% of the time, then you have to do just two more things (they’re super easy). Here they are.

4. Evaluate Your Process Weekly

What do most people do when they don’t achieve a goal?

They change their goal. And pick a more realistic one instead.

I think this is a HUGE mistake.

Never change your goal. I’m living and dying with the shit I have jotted down in my notebooks.

All I’ll ever change is my process.

You should to.

Every week, you should evaluate your process and see what results it’s generating. Figure out if it’s actually working.

Now, there is a possibility that the 3 behaviors you defined aren’t actually the most important actions you should be taking.

You will only discover the 3 most important behaviors by being in the field.

So get out there, and test, and discover and adapt.

And find the process (3 behaviors) that actually move you closer to your goals. Then do those, daily.

5. Finally… Every Morning And Every Night Write Down Your Goal As If You Already Achieved It!

Don’t ask me why this works.

I don’t know.

But I’ve done this for every goal I’ve ever achieved.

And it has worked. Consistently.

Try it.

Maybe it’ll do the same for you (it will).

Here’s an example:

Goal: Grow info-business to $100K in revenue.

Write down: I, (your name), grew my info-business to over $100K in annual revenue.

That’s all I got, folks.

Follow this super, stupid, simple guide for the rest of the year.

And email me on December 31st, 2018.

And I guarantee you will have achieved your #1 yearly priority goal.

Peace & love!

Tej Dosa
6:49 pm
Vancouver, BC