Why You Need To Become A Warrior

I’m going to offer you a simple solution to all your problems. Ready for it? If you want success and if you want to overcome any problems you are currently faced with you need to become a warrior. This probably seems bizarre to some of you, I know I would have a look on my face right now symbolizing WTF man ha.

Well, by warrior I am not referring to one enlisted in military or nothing of that nature. In fact, my definition of a warrior and your definition of what a warrior is are probably two distinct things. Well, what is my definition?

In my terms, a warrior is someone who conquers oneself and in return becomes unstoppable. They conquer themselves. That is what the word ‘warrior’ means to me and I’m going to illustrate with this article why you have to become a warrior in order to attract the greatest level of success in life.

What Does Conquering Yourself Mean?
Before you can become a warrior you need to conquer yourself and by this I mean become one with your emotions. Most people are not aligned towards their goals and dreams because they got all these forces within them shooting out separate ways. This results in them not being able to focus and ultimately leads them to not being able to achieve. In order to develop laser focus and master something you need to align your emotions as one. Your mind leads your body so if you can conquer your emotions you can lead your mind and hence your body into the direction of your wildest dreams.

A person who has conquered themselves will without a doubt become successful. The reason for this is they have nothing internally going on that will prevent success. The reason why most people don’t achieve success is because they have inner conflict that prevents them from reaching success. This inner conflict expresses itself through self doubts, self sabotage, limitations and many more negative traits. Compare this to someone who has conquered themselves and has peace of mind. That individual is aligned with his mind, his body, his vision, and can therefore pursue his dreams whole heartily without having something pulling him down.

Allow me to share an analogy with you to further strengthen this principle. A person who hasn’t conquered themselves can be represented as a situation in which something is going against the grain. For instance a rocket that has to fight gravity in order to fly high. The friction that is created and the on going battle is what keeps many from achieving success. Compare this to someone who is going with the grain. Not only are they 100 percent committed, but the forces are travelling with them, not against them.

Therefore it is a must that you learn how to handle your emotions and use them to your advantage. Practice becoming one. Whatever that means to you. By doing so you will slowly see yourself aligning yourself towards your dream fully and will in return increase your odds of success.

For me personally, sometimes it is easier to learn something by watching others do it first. Therefore if you truly want to learn how a warrior acts, thinks, feels, and aligns himself then I recommend you watch the biographical film on Bruce Lee titled Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

I end this article with a quote from T. Harv Eker that symbolizes what your future can be like if you learn to become one with your mind and your emotions.

“The bottom line is that if you become a master at handling problems and overcoming any obstacle, what can stop you from success? The answer is nothing! And if nothing can stop you, you become unstoppable! And if you become unstoppable, what choices do you have in your life. The answer is all choices. If you are unstoppable, anything and everything is available to you. You simply choose it and it’s yours! How’s that for freedom.” 

Remember all this is made possible from first conquering yourself.