How To Get Everything You Want From Life (Without Trying)

One formula can make you rich, successful and happy.

Do you believe it?

Most don’t.

That’s why 95% of America is broke, unfulfilled, and desperate.

I used to be desperate too.

Cursing the morning sun, trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

But somewhere between now and then something changed.

Today I want to share that something with you, the one formula that changed everything for me. The one you can use to turn your life around.

I discovered this formula nearly five years ago.

I applied it in College. And it got me straight A’s. Then I graduated College. And applied it to business. It worked even better.

Now I apply it every day of my life. And the results have been shocking.

I’ve kept it close to the chest. But it’s time to release it. And see what you can do with it.

Before I Do… You Have To Know
ONE Important Thing

You have to know why MOST people never get what they want from life.

Most people want to be rich, successful and happy.

The irony?

Most people won’t have enough money to retire. Most people wear their forehead in knots. Most people live a life of quiet desperation.


I thought it was because of luck or lack of opportunities or misplaced talents. It wasn’t.

It was because they were following the wrong formula.

Or should I say, they were following the right formula… in the wrong order.

Let me explain.

How many times have you heard people say:

If only I had MORE time, I would workout and get the body of my dreams.
If only I had MORE money, I would quit my job and start a business.
If only I had MORE opportunities, I would become super successful.


I hear it every day.

Different faces. Same words.

They’re not to blame. I was just like them. Thinking the same shit.

And you know what?

Like some people… I actually tried to get the body of my dreams. I tried to start a business. I tried to become super successful.

I tried by doing.

I would do X and I would do Y.

Constantly hustling.

Constantly moving.

Constantly busy.

I thought if I kept doing then one day I would become rich.

I would become happy. And successful.

Guess what?

It never happened.

The days turned into nights. The seasons changed. And then they came and went once more.

Meanwhile, I grew sick. And tired from constantly doing and having nothing to show for my work.

It felt like I was at the mercy of life, travelling upstream. And getting nowhere. Always running but never reaching my destination. Stuck in the circle of life.

Can you relate?

Thought you would.

After all, it’s how you’ve been conditioned to live your life.

But what if I told you… there was a better way.

A funner path you could take, an easier path… one that actually brought you money, happiness, and success.

Would you take my word for it?

Nah… sounds like a cheesy infomercial — you must be thinking.

And rightfully so. I would agree with you.

But I can’t anymore.

Because I discovered a better way nearly five years ago. I tasted its fruits. And ever since, shit’s been different. A lot different.

Life isn’t this struggle it once was. Nor is it a chore or battle.

It has become a celebration; a creation of my wildest visions. And it continues to be. Every day.

What made all the difference?

One formula.

Here it is.

The Most Powerful
Formula In The World


What I just told you has made me a ton of $$$s. It has brought me endless joy. And it has opened my world to experiences and people I would have never otherwise got the pleasure to meet or enjoy.

What exactly does this formula mean?

Let me explain.

Remember how I said most people DON’T get what they want from life because they follow this formula backwards?

Well, they do.

Here’s how.

They wish they HAD (have) more time so they can WORKOUT (do) and BECOME FIT (be).

They wish they HAD (have) more money so they can START A BUSINESS (do) and BECOME RICH (be).

You get the point.

The problem with this?

It’s hard to HAVE something you don’t have. It’s not how life works.

More importantly:

Even if you DO take action and actually get in the gym or start up a business, it’ll be a challenge. It’ll be hard. It’ll be gruesome. It’ll be tiring. And frustrating. Because you’re missing a crucial component.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

As a result, you’ll either quit or kiss failure. I’ve done it a gazillion times.

That’s why most people don’t end up becoming what they want.

They don’t become rich, successful or happy.

Not even close. They live and die on the maze of mediocrity.

Sad, I know.

But it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Like I said there’s a better way. And here’s how to apply it:

Instead of applying the above formula backwards, apply it in the correct order.


Think about what you want to have in life.

Is it money?

Straight A’s?


A successful marriage?


I don’t care what it is. Just think about what you want to have.

Let’s assume you want $$$’s.

Instead of becoming rich after you do something, you do THIS instead:

You become rich NOW.

In other words, BECOME the type of person who HAS what you want to have.

If you want to have a million dollars. Then become a millionaire now.

In your mind.

Think like a millionaire.

Eat like a millionaire.

Wake up like a millionaire.

Create like a millionaire.

Read like a millionaire.

Work like a millionaire.

Find out what millionaires do.

Then do it. Become it. Adopt their state of mind.

In other words, BECOME the type of person who would make a million dollars.

This isn’t some sit on your ass and think about a million dollars pipe dream.

Nope. Far from it.

This is becoming who you want to be BEFORE you even achieve what you set out to reach.

Because once you do, you’ll begin to think different. You’ll begin to see the world different. And when you do…


And it will all happen naturally as a result of your BEING.

You won’t have to force yourself to work.

You won’t have to muster up will power.

Or motivation.

Instead of fighting life, instead of feeling like you’re travelling upstream, instead of feeling like you’re not getting anywhere…

You’ll be naturally propelled towards DOING the right things (because it’s just a part of WHO YOU ARE). And these tasks will become easy because you’ll be in ALIGNMENT with what you want to be.

As a result, you’ll get your million dollars. It’s inevitable.

I followed this process to get straight A’s. I followed this process to make a boatload of money. I followed this process to create great adventures.

I follow it every day. It works.

And I wanted to share it with you so you can do the same.


Cause we’ve become a society of DOERs, we’ve become a society that always CHASES and becomes unsatisfied when we don’t get what we want… blaming it on bad luck, or the recession, or what some stupid asshole did.

In reality?

We failed because we never took the time to become the type of person who would get what we want.

We always wait to BE rich until we have money.

We always wait to BE healthy until we lose weight.

We always wait to BE successful until we earn some award.

But what if…

You began to BE right now and adopted the correct state of mind?

What would happen then?

I’ll tell you what.

Life would begin moving in the right direction, going faster and faster and you’d love every single minute of it.

Unfortunately, most won’t get to experience this thrill.

They’ll just continue to DO and try to WILL themselves to success.

I tried that. It didn’t work. It just stressed me out. And left me full with anxiety.

Once you become, the anxiety ceases to exist. The stress melts away. And success pursues you. Everything I’ve ever done or achieved is proof of this concept.

I hope you use it. I hope you become fueled by it.

After all, Jim Rohn said it best:

“If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it will elude you; it can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become. For things to improve, you have to improve. For things to get better, you have to get better. For things to change, you have to change. When you change, everything changes for you.” — Jim Rohn

There you go, my friend.

Now go be. Then do. And you will have.

Whatever it is you seek from the treasure chest of life.

Tej Dosa
9:14 pm
Vancouver, BC

  • Carl Phillips

    . Thanks for posting this, Tej; this really works. Years ago, after trying unsuccessfully to quit smoking over and over, I just, in my own mind, became a nonsmoker and acted accordingly. It worked perfectly. How we see ourself, as a success instead of a guy trying to succeed, gives us a big advantage, maybe the biggest one there is.