How To Get More Out Of Yourself

I used to give up too easily. I used to stop too soon. I never reached my goals.

It became a vicious habit. Starting something, only to stop a few steps short of success.

I stopped because I was tired. I stopped because I was bored. I stopped because I didn’t have anything left to give.

I was wrong. I actually stopped because I wasn’t hungry. I actually stopped because I was a pussy.

After all…

Before I could find where my limits lay, I first had to push myself until I broke. I never pushed myself to the edge so I never broke. And I never realized what I was truly capable of achieving.

I lived life at 40%. Pushing past this limit was uncomfortable. It hurt too much. It was too painful. I didn’t want to face discomfort. And that’s why I remained broke and mediocre for the most of my life.

I thought I was giving it my all. I wasn’t.

It was only after I pushed past all limits and reached the edge, nearly fainting from grinding so hard that I realized…

My 40% was a complete fucking joke. When I thought I was tired, I wasn’t. I still had a lot more to give.

And that changed everything.

From then on, I made up a rule – it helped me give when I thought I had nothing left to give. It helped me continue when I would much rather jump in bed and call it a night. It pumped life into my heart and vibrancy onto my face. It’s called the 40% rule. And it’s entirely made up. It’s not backed by science or anything fancy. I just created it because it works.

Here’s how it goes:

When you think you’ve done enough, when you think you’ve lifted enough, when you think you’ve studied enough – tell your brain that you’ve only given 40% of what you’re capable of giving. And you still have 60% left inside you. And watch what happens…

Tiredness melts away, excuses turn into dust, and you come alive. You continue when you would have previously stopped. And you grind it out. And you end up getting a lot more out of yourself because the truth of the matter is simple…

I don’t know if you actually have 60% left to give or you only have 1% left to give – the bottom line is the far majority of us stop too soon. And that’s why we never end up with the life we want.

I used to do it. And some days I still do.

But there’s a lot more life inside of us. There’s a lot more left to give. So silence the voice inside your head telling you to stop and continue to give because to reach excellence, we must first push past mediocrity.

The mediocre stop and call it a day after they reach 40%.

Will you continue?

Tej Dosa
9:58 pm
Vancouver, BC