How To Hit The Lotto (99% Success Rate)

Most people won’t like this post. They’ll hate me for it.

Doesn’t matter.

I’m going to teach you how to hit the lotto—I say you, but I’m really writing this to myself, like all my posts. It’s a reminder to follow this framework, to stay true so I can keep on doing what I do best: hit the lotto.

Here’s how to hit the lotto (if you’re just 18 and starting out, if you’re 45 and lifeless, if you’re 95 and dying):

1. Stop.

“Unlearn all the shit they taught you that got you sitting in the bleachers.”—Jay Z


You’re going the wrong way—heading nowhere fast. It’s an illusion. Your day to do day actions seem so minor in the grand scheme of things, but when these tasks compound…you will either get victory or defeat.

What will it be? Most people eat defeat.

Because the game is rigged.

Nothing to cry about—just reality.

See it for what it is and get busy living.

What should you stop?


95% of the shit you do doesn’t matter.

95% of the shit you were taught isn’t true.

Let me explain:

I went to business school. And learned A LOT.

The problem?

Everything was wrong. It didn’t work.

Sure… it looked good in textbooks and illustrations—but in the real world? It left me clueless. And scared to check my bank account (because there was nothing in it).

On the other hand…

Counter-intuitive ideas worked; strategies that would have probably made me flunk classes brought me $$$’s.

Takeaway: Live in the real world; not in theoretical land.

Don’t learn things, learn how to learn.

Then learn what you need, experiment and test.

Spit out everything else.

You don’t need it.

All the knowledge you carry with you, all the assumptions you have, all the beliefs you cling to, all the ways you think life is supposed to be—puke it out.

Remain light!

(Not heavy with unnecessary weight society puts on you.)

2. Follow The Scientific Process—Never Assume.

Once you stop everything, you become light with a blank slate—almost like a kid with your own thoughts, ideas, and creativity. Isn’t that nice?

It gets better, you can turn lightness into cash.

I do it every day, or at least… I try.

Here’s the framework I use.

But before I tell you, I have to ask you something.

Do you know why I LOSE?

Because I assume if I do X then Y will happen (but I never actually TEST to see if that’s true—stupid me).

If you could assume your way to success, we’d all be shitting in gold toilets. Doesn’t work like that.

Yet most of us don’t take heed; we refuse to let go of our silly assumptions. Worse… we never test our assumptions.

We hold false truths dear to our heart, as if they house our ego. (Which they do, I guess.)

Ask yourself:

How many times have you assumed TODAY?

Tons, if you’re honest. It’s normal.

To save time, our brain ‘assumes’ because then we don’t have to DO and expend valuable energy to actually find out—it’s a protection mechanism.

Makes sense, right?

In theory, yes.

But if you follow this, you’ll be the brokest man in the cemetery.



DOING instead of assuming is the key to getting what you want.

A few weeks ago, I had a thought.

What if I cold emailed CEO’s I looked up to?

No expectations.

I just wanted to build my network.

As soon as I had this thought, the protection mechanism inside my brain took over and hit me with assumption after assumption.

They’re not going to reply to you.

They’re too busy.

They’re too big, too successful.

It’s too hard to find their email address.

One assumption after another—I almost gave up the idea altogether because the brain is really good at making valid assumptions—assumptions that look true on the surface (and sometimes actually are).

The problem?

Even though the assumptions seem true—sometimes they’re not. And you’re left pleasantly surprised.

I ended up emailing the CEO’s I admired—guess what?

I had a 67% success rate.

Takeaway: Most people let their assumptions talk themselves out of doing anything noteworthy. They do it every single day of their life. Spending their time on earth NOT living; just assuming.

Today, I try not to assume my life away (it’s hard).

Instead, I look to answer every one of life’s questions with:

“I don’t know. Let’s test it.”

You should too.

Get good at devising hypothesis, testing them, and making the right decisions based on the outcome. You’ll have to adapt and re-test. This is the beauty of life—it’s just a series of adjustments.

Once you get good at using the knowledge you accumulate to make adjustments, you will win… big.

IMPORTANT: Become a scientist & follow the scientific process:

3. Bring everything together & hit the LOTTO!

Once you follow the scientific method, you’ll (eventually) make money.

This is obvious.

But what’s not as obvious is:

You can use the same scientific method to get FILTHY freakin’ rich.

Here’s the exact path I follow:

  1. Create Income—Use the scientific method to land a job or start a business (make observations, formulate hypothesis, and test your strategies until you either land a job or kick start an income producing business). Either works. Just produce income. Trade your time for money if you have to. Do whatever it takes to create income. How much? It depends on how good you are at following the scientific process. Maybe you’ll start with a $35K desk job. Maybe you’ll start a business that makes $400K. I don’t know. Doesn’t matter much because you can still hit the lotto.
  2. Increase Income—Once you have money hitting your bank account, find a way to increase the amount you make… in increments. Have a job? Increase your daily output and fight for a raise. Have a business? Double down on marketing and grow it. Make more money from your main source (if you’re going to get a job—I recommend a sales job because you’re in direct control of your income). Once you’ve started increasing income from your main source, then create additional sources of income. Never rely on just ONE (no matter how much you are making).
  3. Save—Here is where 95% of people fuck up (are you one of them?). Now that you have more income coming in, you should do one of two things: 

A. If you’re working a job, you should save the $$$’s and stash it away in a separate bank account. How much should you save? Your choice—the more you save, the faster you’ll hit the lotto.

B. If you’re operating a business, you should reinvest the money into your business(es) to increase your income even more (so you can keep growing + saving at a higher rate) and/or you should save a portion of what you’re currently making.

A while ago, a friend asked with a smirk:

“You seem to be making a lot of $$$’s—why do you still take the bus?”

This is why.

Takeaway: Don’t be like the 95% who spends as soon as they get. Think long term. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

4. Invest

Never save money for the sake of saving money. Countless financial books on the planet tell you to do so, but that’s why you shouldn’t read any of these books in the first place (Remember point 1: STOP listening to everything. Trust the scientific method only. Live your own life, form your own tests and conclusions).

Money is just a tool; save it to invest it. Period.

It’s how you turn cents into dollars, dollars into thousands, thousands into millions, millions into billions.

Remember Karl Marx?

You’re either the proletariat or the bourgeoisie.

You know why the bourgeoisie wins?

Cause he (or she) owns the factors of production.

By investing, you too can own the factors of production.

And run shit.

Note: Don’t invest too early.

Follow Steps 1-3 until you have $100K or more, ideally a million.

What should you invest in?

Use the scientific process to make decisions.

Invest in sure things only.

Maybe it’s creating new businesses. Maybe it’s growing your existing businesses. Maybe it’s real estate.

(Side note: You should also invest in non-monetary things such as: relationships, new experiences, adventures, self-education. This ensure you live an overall fulfilling life. After all… the purpose of making $$$’s is to give yourself and your loved ones the good life)

5. Create Multiple Flows of Income

Once you’ve started making your investments, you will have added another flow of income to your life. A flow is basically anything that produces money.

6. Increase Those Flows

Now do to your new flows what you’re doing to your old flows: INCREASE THEM. Focus on growth. Always. Never take your foot off the gas. You’re building a freakin’ empire.

7. Save

Take ALL the money you’re making from ALL your different flows of income and stash it away and/or reinvest in your businesses to make even more so you can save even more.

8. Invest

Once again, take your savings and invest your money to create even MORE flows of income. You’ll create bigger flows of income this time around—since you’ll be playing with BIGGER money. This is where the big players of business live. This is why the rich get richer.

9. Repeat this process over and over again

You’ll fail.

You’ll make the wrong decisions.

It’s ok.

You’ll lose some flows of income but it won’t matter much.

Because you’ll have multiple flows of income.

And you’ll eat like a king. Every night.

10. Hit the Lotto

Richard Branson created over 500 flows of income.

You know how?

By hitting the lotto.

How do you hit the lotto?

By following the process above.

Create as many flows as you can. Then create some more.

Main Takeaway

Wealth isn’t this confusing gift that only some people get.

As you can see, it’s actually quite straightforward.

Follow the above steps.

Remain disciplined.

Trust the scientific method to make your decisions.

And you’ll win.

Plus… you’ll build the most important skill required for living a life of freedom:

Making money and growing money.

Tej Dosa
1:07 PM
Vancouver, BC

P.S. Damn! It looks easy—you’re probably thinking. But how do you actually grow your flows? By building a very unique skillset. I’ll tell you about it in a future post.

P.P.S. Want to succeed quicker? Do what I do. Follow the process but don’t get caught up in it. Laugh at it and treat it like a game. Enjoy the journey—wherever you stand. No matter what.