How To Increase Your Confidence

1. Gain competence – Confidence comes from action. You cannot increase your confidence drastically without putting in the work. This goes for anything in life which requires confidence. Whether it be confidence to speak up in class or confidence to pitch your idea to a bunch of investors, the only way to dramatically boost your confidence is by actually doing the damn thing.

When you do, you grow. When you grow, you become more confident.

2. Enrich your life – See more of the world. Try new things. Go out on dates with people you wouldn’t normally go for. Simply get a different feel for the world. Make friends with people from all walks of life. When you put yourself in new situations which have a tad bit of uncertainty attached to them, your confidence will increase.

3. Watch this video

4. Make a fool out of yourself – Deliberately make a fool out of yourself. A lot of people are afraid of what others think of them hence they always act passively, never aggressively. One of the great ways to get over what other people think of you is by making a fool out of yourself. Feel the embarrassment and realize it doesn’t make or break you.

5. Play the part – How would you act if you were a mega success story? View yourself to be an actor and simply play the part.

6. Keep death in your mind – The thought of being obsolete one day should inspire you to be aggressive today. It should motivate you to take action and to do what you always wanted to do.

7. Face your fears – If you want to increase your confidence, tackle your fears. Beat them to the ground. When you overcome one, you’ll have inspiration to beat another. By doing so, you’ll become more confident in your ability to reach success.

8. Strike out on your own – Become truly self reliant. Fend for yourself. Provide for yourself. Live for yourself.

9. Practice meditation – Meditation is a great tool one can use to get acquainted with ones higher self.

I used to think meditation was pretty tacky and weird, but then I tried it one day and it was truly amazing.

Mediation will make you feel like you’re a damn superhero…it takes time to perfect it, however. Stick to it, you’ll see great results.

10. View past successes – When your confidence is shaky, look back into your past and see your past successes. They don’t have to be big success stories, just simple minor ones where you had to overcome a challenge or obstacle. Use it as inspiration.

You did it once so you can do it twice.

11. Look the part – Confidence is all about feeling good, if you don’t look good; chances are you won’t feel good.

Get in the gym. Push yourself to get in shape.

12. Lead – When the tension is high and everyone else is afraid, speak up. Put yourself in these situations. Let your voice be heard. Even if you’re scared and your hands are shaking and your voice may crack, speak up and lead the herd.

Be strong minded and stick up for what you believe in. Don’t shy away from what makes you, you. Take pride in your differences. Don’t be another copy. Only cowards let the world break them and change them.

If they don’t accept you for who you are, introduce them to your middle finger. Don’t change for anyone. Be who you truly are.

How you act behind closed doors when no one is around should be how you always act.

13. Perform at an open mic night – If you want to be confident, you got to do some scary things. Public speaking is one of them. Hence, get up on stage and crack a few jokes. Whether they laugh at your jokes or not is irrelevant because regardless of the outcome, it’s a win/win because you had the balls to do it.

14. Focus on yourself – Focus on pleasing yourself. Look inwards. This may not seem to be correlated to increasing ones confidence, but just try it. Stop focusing on others and just focus on yourself. Focus on what you do.

15. Practice not giving a F – Act carefree. Become a free spirit. I’m not saying you should be passive; I’m just saying you should chill out and eliminate your stresses and worries. Be nonreactive. When you eliminate the pressure to perform, you actually tend to do much better.

Hence a great way to increase your belief in yourself is by not giving a damn about the outcome. Do your best and forget the rest.