How To Increase Your Productivity

What if you could do twice as much in the same amount of time? How much more could you accomplish? How much better would you become? How much of a competitive advantage would you accumulate? Well if all goes well at the end of this article and after applying the principles in this article to your life you will be granted the pleasure of answering these questions. In today’s world being productive is essential to success in anything. The ones who are productive are the ones who are granted that new raise, or seize that rare opportunity. The ability to be productive is a skill that you should kill for. Think about it, say your going head to head with another person, lets assume that you are twice as productive as them. Well I think we can all agree that the other person has no chance against you. As a result it is a must that we increase our productivity which will allow us to destroy our competition in whatever it is we are doing and which in return increases the chances of us succeeding.

Although an entire book can be written on the subject of increasing your productivity, I am going to attempt to increase your productivity by sharing three simple tips which you can apply to your life right away. The beauty of these tips is they are really simple and VERY easy to apply. Once you apply them, I’m certain that your productivity should soar through the roof. You have probably heard the typical tips to increase your productivity which include preparing a to do list the day before, prioritizing, and completing the tasks on your to do list by abiding by the 80/20 principle. I know that shit has been installed in my mind on fricken overdrive ha. As a result I’m going to refrain from including these tips. I think we’ll all heard these enough times, so I’m not going to waste your time by going over the same old shit. However, if you aren’t applying the tips I just mentioned above then you should get to it ASAP. They really have a huge effect on increasing your productivity.

Anyways, below are the three tips that you can apply to your life right away. These tips aren’t really profound or anything like that, but they really do work…at least for me. I have found that I get twice as much done in the same amount of time by abiding by the tips that you are going to be learning about shortly. The benefits of this are extraordinary as you can imagine. The ability to get twice as much done allows me to complete a whole bunch of shit that would take others days on ends and still have time left over in my day to enjoy some leisure activities. I know this probably sounds like some bullshit, but it amazes me too ha. If I never witnessed it first hand, I too would believe someone was trying to pull one over on me.

Three Tips To Increase Your Productivity

1. Take Naps– I told you these tips aren’t profound ha. Taking naps really works. Think about it like this, say that you are a car and your low on gas well going to the nearest gas station and fueling up solves the problem right? Well similarly,  taking naps allows your body to refuel the energy tank. After some experimentation with naps I have found that twenty minute naps work the best. Anything longer than twenty minutes makes me feel like I’m fricken wasted once I get up ha. The downfall of this is your alertness level is not where it should be and you waste precious time returning back to your normal state which defeats the purpose of increasing your productivity. Therefore a rule of thumb is to take naps for a maximum of twenty minutes. Experiment a little. You may find that taking a couple ten minute naps during the day really does wonders for you. If your like me and you have difficulty falling asleep when the sun is still up then don’t worry. Simply lying down and closing your eyes has the same effect. The key however is to shut off your mind.

2. Go Hard For 2 Hours Then Take 10-15 Minute Break– Turn that Blackberry or that I Phone off for two hours and simply go hard. Those two hours are periods of time that you are not distracted once. A recent psychology study proved that every time you get distracted it take fucking twenty minutes to get back to the point you were at before you got distracted. Most people aren’t productive because of this. It’s the damn distractions. How many times do you get distracted during one damn hour? A lot, I bet. So this is the remedy. If you work hard for two hours straight without being interrupted and then take 10-15 minute break this will do wonders for your productivity. If you think two hours is too much, I recommend you start off with one hour. Get a timer and set it for an hour or two and once it goes off ONLY THEN can you check your Facebook or your texts. After that break is over you repeat the process. Force yourself to do this, trust me. You’ll be amazed at the amount you accomplish.

3. Give Yourself Less Time To Accomplish A Task– If you apply this to your life I guarantee you will be shocked at the results. We humans naturally take the exact amount of time we are granted to complete a task. Say that you have two weeks to hand in that new report to your boss. Studies show that it will take you exactly two weeks to do so. Weird psychological issues. Well, now lets assume that you only have a day to prepare that same report. The same studies show that you will in fact finish that report within one day. The more time you give yourself, the more time it will take to complete that task. The less time you give yourself, the less time it will take.  The productive ones exploit this rule of thumb. I suggest you do as well. Most people say that you should be realistic when deciding how much time you should give yourself to complete a certain tasks, well I say fuck all that shit. Be unrealistic with how much time you give yourself. Just measure the results. In my experience my quality of work has not suffered, the only thing that has changed is my productivity. Set unrealistic deadlines to complete tasks.

Well that was the last of them. Applying these tips to your life is really as simple as taking a nap tomorrow, working for two hours, and shortening your deadlines. Easy as 1,2,3. I encourage you to put these tips to use tomorrow and measure the results it has on your productivity.