How To Live Life

Living life. There is no rule book on the subject, however some go on to live out the life of their dreams, whereas others go on to live out a mediocre life.

So what factors contribute to what way you live life? What’s going to determine if you live life in the fast lane or if you just live a very dull life?

Well in my opinion, ultimately there are two ways to live life…

One being to live life looking through the rear view mirror and the other being to live life looking through the windshield.

It’s no surprise that the people that go on to live one heck of a life are the ones that are always looking through the windshield, whereas the others are constantly glaring through the rear view mirror.

Either you’re progressing or you’re digressing. Either you’re moving forward with your life or you’re falling behind. Either you’re living in the moment and embracing the future or you’re caught up in your past.

With that noted, let me fill you in on a secret that really isn’t a secret because it should be common knowledge, however a lot of people do not act as if they know this so here goes…

You can not live life by staying in your past. If your mind frame and your thoughts are all about the past, you are going to have one tough of a time living out today.

It’s hard to live life today if you are always caught up in the yesterday’s. Therefore if you choose to take this path of living life through the rear view mirror you are never going to get to enjoy it because you are always going to be one step behind.

On the other hand, by moving forward each day and viewing each new day as a new beginning that you are blessed with you can go on to create a very rich and enjoyable life.

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Always focus on today. This moment right now. Be aware of it. Be conscious. This is the secret to living one hell of a life.

Unfortunately this may just be the hardest thing to do. In order to live life in the moment you need a lot of discipline. The reason for this is simple. We humans are always present physically in the moment however rarely are we present mentally. Our body is one place yet are mind could be on the other side of the world. Therefore in order to live life in the moment you need to have these two forces in alignment. Again, easier to say than it is to do.

The way to go about joining these two forces up is by focusing on your breathing. Being conscious about your breathing. I know it sounds a tad bit strange. But just try it. When you focus on your breathing you become sucked up in the moment.  You become way more conscious of things around you and in return you get to soak up everything the moment has in store for you.

By focusing on your breathing, you don’t let your mind wander and therefore you get to truly be in the moment.

So if you live life like this you won’t be regretting not have lived in the moments years down the line and instead by looking through the windshield and constantly living in the moment you will go on to live quite a memorable life.