How To Make The ‘Impossible’ Possible

We all do it. We all dream big and want to achieve the utmost. This is great. However, it begs the question, why do some people achieve these big dreams while others don’t even come close? In my honest opinion, I believe it is all about their take regarding the task.

Everyone perceives things differently and perceiving goals and dreams are no exception. People all have different ways to tackle the same issue, therefore, this brought me to the realization of how the successful go about completing tasks that appear to be impossible to the general public.

The successful break down the whole into small manageable parts that can be completed with ease. Whereas the unsuccessful try to complete the big picture with one swing.

The successful fill in the small details that make up the big picture, while the unsuccessful take a blob of paint and decorate the whole canvas at once.

This difference in mentality leads to one party becoming successful while the other aimlessly waste their energy and remain in the same old position.

Allow me to illustrate this simple concept with Richards Bransons latest endeavor of sending people to outer space. I think most of us would agree that this would in fact qualify as a big dream. Do you think Richard Branson woke up one day and attempted to complete this dream with one swing of the bat? Hell no. He took small steps that led to the formation of this dream. It’s like how you use to construct things out of building blocks back when you were a child. You start with one block which leads to another and on and on you go until the whole construct has been created. T

he same can be said about the way Mr.Branson achieved this dream of his. He did not attempt to send people to outer space with a snap of the fingers. No, instead he broke this task that others found to be impossible into small steps. Small tasks. Such as conducting research, finding the necessary tools and such. All this due diligence and completion of these small tasks ultimately led to the formation of his dream becoming a reality.

This principle of accomplishing the small in the big picture is prevalent in many success stories. Find any successful person and this is how they handle any huge task. They separate the big task into small parts that can be completed relatively easily. It is ultimately breaking down your dreams into manageable steps.

The way Will Smith learned this lesson was stressed in an interview he did some time ago. He was sharing the story of how when he was nine years old there used to be this wall near his house. Well that wall crumbled down due to some unfortunate set of events. This resulted in Will’s father coming home one day and telling Will and his younger brother to reconstruct that wall. Again, I remind you that Will was 9 at the time if my memory serves me correctly and his younger brother was 7. Or maybe, Will was 11 and his younger brother was 9 ha. Whatever the age, they were YOUNG.

Anyways, when Will first heard this demand from the mouth of his father he replied with something along the lines of “DAD ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WE CANNOT DO THIS. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.” However, his dad was not having this. He urged them to reconstruct the wall.

Although, Will and his younger bother were in fact discouraged they proceeded to attempt to build the wall. They began by laying one brick down at a time. This process continued for days, weeks, and months. Simply laying one brick down after another. Well, after some months had passed to the amazement of Will and his brother the wall was rebuilt. Will filled with excitement was eager to see his dad after work so he could present to him the good news. His dad came home that day and was matched with the image of the newly constructed wall. Will proceeded to tell him how they had done it. His dad’s response was “Son, don’t you ever say you cannot do anything again.”

This story goes to illustrate how you need to focus on the small things in order to complete the bigger things. Just like Will and his brother began by laying one brick down at a time, you need to figure out the necessary steps of your dreams and begin completing those. By doing so, just like the wall was rebuilt your dreams will become a reality. No matter how big your dream is.