How To Change Your Current Circumstances

Photo courtesy of Aaron Pennington

For most of us, our current circumstances do not represent the way we want our lives to be. They may be close to the life we want, or they may be the complete opposite. Regardless, it is apparent that improvement is needed. Even if you are successfully living out the dream life you were after, you should still strive to make improvements because when you stop progressing, you are equivalent to someone who is dead.

So the topic of creating better circumstances in our lives is a fascinating one. It’s interesting because history has shown us that our current circumstances do not predict our future circumstances if we make the conscious effort to create an everlasting change. History has illustrated people going from rags to riches. It happens every day. Some literally went from eating crumbs of food to now being on top of the world with personal chefs.

As a result, what I want to illustrate with this article is the process you must undertake if you want to create new and better circumstances.

Let’s get started…

1. Accept your current circumstances

You can’t improve on something you don’t accept. As a result, you need to accept where you are today. Realize you were the one who made the decisions you made and as a result you ended up where you stand today.

A lot of people tend to be in denial. They never want to accept the reality that comes forth with their current circumstances. Hence they never do improve.

In order to progress, you first need to know where you are starting from.

Just like a race has a starting line, you need to define your starting line as well.

When you accept your circumstances, you give rise to the power inside you which will greatly influence and shape your new circumstances in the way you please. However, you cannot do this if you don’t realize your current circumstances and take them for what they truly are.

Come to grips with the circumstances that characterize your reality.

2. Define your new circumstances

Now it’s time to define the finish line. In order to do something our mind needs clear goals. As a result, you need to pinpoint the exact circumstances you want to characterize your life with.

What do you want your life to be like? What do you want to be doing? How do you want to be feeling?

For instance, alluding back to our example of going from rags to riches, the new circumstances would describe the amount of money one aspires to acquire and in return the means to getting that sum of money.

After you have set the finish line, it’s time to…

3. Take massive action

After you have set the finish line, you need to come up with action steps which will create the change you desire. For instance, if you want to lose weight, the action steps would be centered around exercising three to four times per week and/or eating healthy.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people fail. When it comes to taking action, they simply get crippled by fear or lose motivation.

When you find yourself losing motivation, remember if you stop and quit, you risk letting your entire life get characterized with the circumstances you are currently dealt with.

As a result, if you want to create a great change in your life and make your current circumstances a thing of the past, you have to take huge action.

You have defined the starting line and you have defined the finish line, the only way to go from start to finish is by taking massive action.

The beauty of this is it’s completely in your control. Your decisions and your actions determine whether or not you leave your current circumstances in the past.

I know, it may seem tough, but you need to believe in yourself. Believe you have what it takes to create a new life. The life you desire.

This formula isn’t nothing special, but it illustrates what is required in order to go from where you stand today to where you want to be, tomorrow.

The rest is entirely up to you. The path has been set, whether or not you choose to follow it is entirely your call and in return this call will determine the quality of your tomorrow.