How To Increase Your Level Of Self Efficacy

Self efficacy may just be the number one component linked to success. Study ANY successful person and you will without a doubt recognize the self efficacy that person is characterized with.

Without self efficacy your chances of succeeding in life basically get shot down. On the other hand those who possess this trait receive a very large boost when it comes to success.

Those who are successful have self efficacy and those who aren’t success almost always lack this trait.

Hence it’s VERY important to develop this characteristic if you are currently lacking it.

Before we get to the how to, lets define what self efficacy is…

What Is Self Efficacy?

Self efficacy was introduced by Albert Bandura. A very influential person when it comes to the discipline of psychology. Hence self efficacy is ultimately an individual’s belief that he or she is capable of performing a task. 

The greater your self efficacy, the more confidence you possess in your ability to succeed at a task.

Now self efficacy may seem similar to belief. It’s very similar indeed. But self efficacy also has another component. The people who have a high level of self efficacy are the ones who continue to push. They continue to be persistent when dealt with a difficult situation. On the other hand people will low self efficacy are MUCH quicker to throw in the white towel and call it quits.

This is why the trait of self efficacy is so important to possess. Your road to success isn’t going to be a easy one by any stretch. It’s going to take work. It’s going to take endless hours. It’s going to require you to continue to give it your all when you already feel like you have given it your all. It’s going to require you to go above and beyond. It’s going to require you to not get discouraged when things don’t go your way, instead its going to require you to come back stronger than ever.

With all this stated, none of this is going to be possible if you do not have self efficacy. If you do not believe in your abilities your mind will begin to make statement such as, “What’s the point? I’m just going to fail again and embarrass myself some more.”

If you want a specific example of someone who possessed this trait then you should examine Thomas Edison. This man was amazing. He invented the light bulb. Now his path to success was characterized with TONS of failures but the level of self efficacy he had kept him from quitting.

His quote below really sums it all up…

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Now you may be doubting your level of self efficacy.

If that is the case then fear not because below are three proven ways to increase your level of self efficacy.

How To Boost Your Level Of Self Efficacy 

Albert Bandura stated that there are ultimately three ways to go about increasing your self efficacy.

1. Enactive mastery– This in Albert’s opinion is the most important way to greatly increase your self efficacy. This is all about gaining the relevant experience regarding the task at hand or your dream. Whatever you want to accomplish in life the way to go about doing that is to just do it. By continuously working you will get better. Practice will make you better. With that comes confidence in your abilities. Hence just get to work and perfect your craft. This is a proven way to boost your self efficacy.

Pick something you want to be great at and get to it. Master it. Perfect it. Do it like it’s never been done before. Put your own twist to it and that is what will give rise to self efficacy.

This is how all the greats of the world got their level of belief from. Insane and intense practice. Hard work is the key.

2. Vicarious modelling– This way involves you watching someone else do something that you want to do. For instance when it comes to your dreams finding someone who has achieved whatever it is you want to achieve is really important. Learn, apply, succeed.

3. Verbal persuasion– This is the technique that motivational speakers use. This way is concerned with letting others convince you that you are capable of doing whatever it is you want in life.

Hence finding some motivational clips that really fuel your fire will do the trick. Here’s a great one: Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure

There you have it. What you do with this information is up to you. You can either let it stay in the back of your mind or you can take the necessary steps to increase your self efficacy which will result in you having a greater chance of living out the life of your dreams.