Kendrick Lamar’s 3 Tips For Success

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Kendrick Lamar has had quite the journey. His story is truly inspiring. He went from being surrounded by constant negativity/danger in Compton, California to being one of the greatest rappers out in today’s day and age.

His story further goes to show that anything is possible.

If you hold on to your vision, never lose sight of what you are trying to do and keep working each and everyday, one day your dream will be before you. Success will be in your hands and the world will be yours.

This is the day we all hope and pray for.

This is the day that gives our life purpose and meaning.

There is no greater feeling than the feeling you get when you have achieved your life’s greatest ambition.

So your sole job is to make sure that you live to see this day and the way to make that happen is by not letting another day go to waste. Cut the distractions out of your life and determine what it will take for you to make your dreams a reality.

You know where you stand today and where you want to be so all you have to do is fill in the missing link.

What’s going to get you from where you are today to where you want to be?

Come up with your answers and make it happen.

Now lets get to the heart of this article and examine some wise words from Kendrick.

Kendrick Lamar’s 3 Tips For Success

1. People are going to try to pull you down, make sure you keep climbing

“The limit is the sky and I live on a cloud. I recognize my nemesis are going to try to put a finish to my shine.”

Lets face it. Most people in the world will rather see you fail than succeed.

Even your loved ones. Your success will probably bring forth their insecurities and they fear this so they’ll try to do things that will make it harder for you to succeed. It’s not a conscious effort on their part, it’s just human nature I suppose.

If people failed to achieve their dreams, they will become threatened of your success so they’ll do everything in their power to prevent you from achieving your dreams.

You need to understand this and in return realize that success is all dependent on you.

You don’t need anyone.

You got yourself and you got your greatest weapon which is your mind so make it happen.

You have everything you need to succeed within you.

Don’t let others words distract you from your end goal. Don’t let their thoughts and opinions take you off the road to success.

2. Don’t base what you’re going to be off of what everybody else is, choose your own path

“I don’t want to be a killer, I want to be a (Bill) Gates.”

It’s no secret that Kendrick’s hometown, Compton is a very dangerous place. In fact it’s one of the dangerous cities in the USA. Filled with tons and tons of violence.

Murder is very ordinary and hence Kendrick saw all of this growing up.

Danger, poverty, gang violence were Kendrick’s environment, however he didn’t let his surrounding determine where he could and couldn’t go when it came to his future. A lot of people would examine their environment and come to the conclusion that they can’t achieve a certain dream because it’s too far fetched.

Don’t fall victim to such a predicament.

Don’t let your environment determine where you go in life.

You can truly go from rags to riches. It has happened time and time again so aim for the sky. You only got one shot, one chance. Make sure your life isn’t wasted.

Give your life meaning. Don’t be just another person who is soon forgotten after they take their last breath.

3. Choose the people in your life with care

“I’m trying to learn something new, I’m trying to surround myself with people that inspire me or at least inquire similar desires.”

The people in your life will either bring you down or add value to your life and in return make you that much better. Therefore it’s vital that you choose the right type of people.

The people in your life truly determine it all. They determine if you will succeed or if you will fail. Make sure you have positive energy flowing all around and not negative. It’s ten times harder to succeed in life when all this negative energy is pushing you down.

However on the flip side, it’s ten times easier to achieve success if your life is filled with positivity so with that said, be positive and go on and be great.

Make sure that people remember your name when you are dead and gone. Do your thing and leave your legacy. Let your presence be felt and your voice be heard. Become a somebody.