The Key To Success: Dream Big And Be Patient

“There are no unrealistic goals–only unrealistic deadlines. The overnight success has usually been toiling in the vineyards without recognition for many years.” – Brian Tracy

Realize the truth behind the words spoken by Brian and your future could truly change for the better.

This post is going to highlight the main difference between the successful and the unsuccessful.

What the mediocre do…

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The lives of the average are just that, average. Look around you and you are bombarded with mediocrity. The masses make up this category. Chances are the people you see on a daily will stay in this category their entire life.

A lot of people set out with high hopes and dreams, however they end up with a mediocre life. Why is this the case? Well lets dig into it.

The life of the average person usually goes something like this…

As children, their mind has no limits. They dream big and they reach for the stars. Their mind is filled with many big dreams. They want to do it all. However as they age and adolescence emerges, the pressure of society begin to take it’s toll on them. Now they stop listening to their inner voice and instead begin to accept what society puts on their plate. Before you know it, they have let society dictate what their going to be in life. The dreams they had as children and teens now seem too far fetched and instead they would rather strive for safety because society has conditioned them to behave in such a manner.

Now that they have this new found dream in their mind, they begin. They usually go to college and study for a couple of years. Get a degree and then they hope they’ll land the job that society deems to be of importance. Some get it and others don’t. But lets focus on those that do get the job.

Now they got a job. Years past and they meet someone. They date for awhile and before long they get married. Marriage brings forth kids. Now their life is consumed with providing for their kids.

The dreams they had as children are fully dead now because now they have to take care of their children and there’s no time for goofing around.

Hence they work and they pay bills. This becomes a process. A never ending cycle.

With a growing family, the couple decides to move into a bigger home.

A bigger home brings forth higher bills.

Therefore they might take on another job just to maintain their quality of life.

They work and continue to pay the bills. Before they know it, their children are all grown up. Now the next step is to plan for retirement.

Retirement is expensive so you have to work, work, work.

Hence now they begin to work not only to pay the bills, but to save up for retirement.

They finally have enough to retire and they think they can finally enjoy their life now after years of hard work at a job they weren’t fully satisfied with.

They come up with a list of activities they want to participate in, however they don’t find fulfillment.

Before long, they become depressed and feel a missing void in their life.

Soon after, they die…without really having done anything with their life.

That right there is the cost of mediocrity. If you want to be mediocre, that is the path you should expect to see.

Now lets shift perspectives and focus on what the successful do.

What the successful do…

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The successful start out just like the average. They have big dreams as kids. As kids the world seems simple. Nothing is in our way and hence we aim for it all and have such high expectations for adulthood.

Well the average and the successful soon find themselves differing as they age. The successful realize that the path that society throws at them is not going to take them very far. In fact they don’t have to look very far to realize this because millions and millions of people have taken the same old path which ends in the same old destination. Therefore they realize this early on and they set out to be different. They make a pledge to follow their own heart and to never sacrifice their childhood dreams. They continue to dream big. They put better and bigger dreams on to their plate.

Next, they begin to pave their own lane in life.

They don’t let society influence their actions. Society will be up in arms telling them what they’re doing is completely wrong and how it will get them nowhere, however they don’t let this stop them. They continue to pursue their dream and they are dealt with obstacles. Sometimes they manage to get past these obstacles and other times they hit a roadblock which ends in failure. However they don’t give up. They use the lessons that failure teaches them to improve themselves.

As a result, they continue to move forward.

They realize that success isn’t going to come fast and they accept this. They are prepared to devote their entire life to the creation of their dream.

Hence they continue to pursue and after awhile they are met with success.

As a result the quality of their life improves dramatically and people view them to be apart of the elite squad now.

And the beauty of all this is the successful were fulfilled the moment they set out to chase their dreams.

The average put off fulfillment and accepted it to be granted to them in retirement, however this is not the case.

Instead fulfillment arises when you muster up the guts to chase your dreams and when you realize that the path that society forces upon you may not be such a great choice.

This fulfillment level just continues to increase as you get closer and closer to your dreams.

Eventually, the successful will die. However they will die a somebody…a somebody who believed in themselves and hence will be honored with a great legacy.

Those were my two cents regarding this issue.

The destination you choose is up to you.