“I’m looking to hire top notch killers. Killers who go for what they want and destroy everything in their way to get it.”

The words uttered by a self made millionaire over dinner a few weeks ago.

Killers kill their way to success. They rip shit up. If you want to become better with women, more successful in business, or create an extraordinary life, being a killer will get you there faster. Much faster.

Richard Branson. Mark Cuban. Kobe Bryant. Elon Musk.

These are killers.

Below are the seven traits of self made killers. I was originally going to write fifty traits, but I want to make this practical. Reading fifty traits may make your dick hard for awhile due to the motivational high, but it won’t do anything for you because that’s too much information to act on.

So let’s keep it simple.



1. Killers are internally motivated. Killers don’t need to watch motivational videos on YouTube or read articles on websites such as WTPOLA to feel a spark, I mean sometimes they do, but their spark resides within.

2. Killers are not afraid to rub people the wrong way. A killer speaks his mind. He doesn’t give a fuck whether you like him or not. Killers think they are the shit. Most killers are assholes. Nice people rarely make for good killers. Nice people try to impress, killers don’t give a shit.

3. Killers do what needs to be done…even when they don’t feel like it. Correction. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DON’T FEEL LIKE IT. Sales call? They’ll make it. Waking up at 5 am? They’ll do it. Whatever the action, they will take it. This is what separates them from the rest of the herd.

4. Killers laugh in the face of failure. Failures greatest fear is coming across a killer because failure can never stop a killer from manifesting his dream reality.

5. Killers live in their own world. When you interact with a killer, you are brought into his world. A killer operates on strong beliefs which paint a strong reality.

6. Killers do not talk. They do. Number one trait of killers.

7. Killers are professional grinders. Killers train when the light is off so they can shine when the camera turns on. This. Shit. Does. Not. Stop.

That’s it.

So let’s make it practical.

How do you become a killer?


Figure out your why. Why do you do what you do? Why do you get up in the morning? Make it emotional and motivational.

When people ask you a yes or no question, reply with either a yes or no. Don’t provide excuses or explanations. Your girlfriend says, “Honey you want to go to my parents for dinner this weekend?” You say, “No.” That’s it. No explanation.

Stop seeking validation. Validation is for insecure nice guys.

Write down everything that scares you.  Everything you don’t feel like doing. It could be making cold calls or approaching attractive women on the street. Everything that scares you. Everything that makes your heart rate increase and your hands shake. Write it down. Then go out and do it.

Work to fail. Experiment like fucking crazy. Keep trying. Keep swinging the bat. Don’t get boxed in. You’re bigger than your current profession. Never forget it. Get out of the box and experiment. Start a new business. Create a new product. Write a new book. Innovate in every area of your life.

Do. Do. Do. Stop telling your friends your goals and just do it. Every time you tell someone your goal, you become less inclined to pursue it because your brain releases the same chemicals it releases when you actually achieve your goal. So stop fucking talking and start doing.

Characterize your mindset with a sense of superiority. There is a time and a place to be humble. But when you’re grinding and trying to make it, it is not the time to be humble. I repeat, the come up is not the time to be humble. Be cocky, arrogant, and bold. You will have enough time to be humble after you have made it.

Grind. From sun up to sun down, be about your come up. Be cocky but make damn sure you back your shit up. Each nights sleep must be earned. If you don’t fall asleep within minutes of your head touching the pillow, you didn’t work hard enough during the day.

That’s it. That’s all I got.

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See you next time.

Peace and love.