Laughter is the Secret

It was a cold December morning, a few days before Christmas.

Snow covered all the rooftops in the city.

Inside the two bedroom basement of the first house on the block, lived a family.

A family of five.

It was eight in the morning.

On the table lay toast and orange juice.

The breakfast of champions, or in other words, the breakfast one could fix for cheap.

Around the breakfast table sat two parents and three children age four, seven, and ten.

The look on the face of the parents was one of shame, worry, and stress.

The cause?

Debt. Poverty. Welfare.

Chaos and yelling regarding the lack of finances was very common.

This morning was no different.

With Christmas approaching and three children to look after, the tension was high.

The parents lashed out at one another due to the stress and uncertainty regarding how they would get by.

In the midst of the chaos and yelling, sat a child.

The four year old child.

While everyone else was busy lashing out at one another, the four year old was in a world of his own.

He grabbed the nearest spoon and a glass full of orange juice. Instead of drinking the juice, he used the spoon to “eat” the juice.

After eating the juice, he started to giggle.

The parents soon got wind of the child’s behavior and proceeded to laugh themselves.

Hysterical laughter ensued and soon everyone including the other two children were laughing.

Just like that. The morning rut of yelling and transferring blame was gone.

Laughter and love replaced the stress and worry.

A few years later, the family was back on track.

Debt, poverty, and welfare was a thing of the past.

All was good again.

I was the four year old child.

My mom told me this story the other day.

A simple yet important reminder to laugh. Laugh away the pain, stress, and worry.

It doesn’t matter how hard life gets, never forget to laugh.

A good belly laugh just might keep you sane in a world full of constant chaos and stress.

Thanks for reading.