What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Photo courtesy of marcandangel.com

You have been granted the gift of life, what are you doing with it? Do you even have control of this gift, or are you letting this gift of yours diktat your every move.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and used in order to create something greater. A life that is devoted to mediocre tasks is a waste. Instead, the great devote their life on earth to something extraordinary.

So I ask you…

What are you doing with your life?

Are you the one throwing the punches or are you taking the punches?

You have one hell of an opportunity just because you’re alive in such a prosperous time. As a result, you need to take full advantage of this.

What I find is a lot of people tend to realize their life has gotten off track when they ask themselves the question above. Hence, it’s vital for you to pick yourself back up and put yourself back onto the road to success.

The formula for life is to create something or do something remarkable which results in you improving life on earth for the masses.

As a result, your name survives for generations and generations to come.

Ultimately, you are either using your life to engage in mediocre tasks or remarkable tasks. Which one are you doing? Are you aiming for something greater than the average or have you settled and refuse to stretch the boundaries?

Realize that this life is just one big game. The person that makes it the farthest is the person who stretches his/her mind into believing he/she is capable of doing much more. If you shrink your thinking, you will forever remain in mediocrity.

As a result, you need to devote your time on earth to something major. Something that dramatically improves the world.

Use your life to change the world.

In addition, use your life in the way you please. If you are not currently happy with the direction of your life, do something about it. Stop complaining all day long and instead get up and make the change.

If you truly want to win this game of life, you have to be willing to put everything on the line.

No one ever wins by pussyfooting around. It’s either all in or all out. Pick one. Are you going to use your life for extraordinary endeavors or not? Either commit one hundred percent or don’t commit at all.

Time’s ticking. It’s time to get a jump on your true dreams. Do away with everything that society has put on your plate, and instead look within you and come to terms with your true calling in life.

By doing so you’ll find meaning in your existence. When you’re chasing money, you’ll never find meaning in a piece of paper and soon you’ll grow tired and be filled with sorrow.

As a result, the time to dig deep down inside and find the answer to the question below has arrived…

From now on, what am I going to use my life for?