Why You Need to Light Fire to Your To-Do List

The world starts coming down on you. Deadlines get pushed up. You work till the sun up. And you get it done. Returning to bed with the life sucked right out of you. Then you wake up. And you do it again.


Is what they preach.

To put your head down and work. From sunup to sundown.

Don’t think, just do.

And we do.

Developing aches in our back and lines on our face.

The years start passing by faster and faster…

Friendships get spoiled. Water turns into wine. Signs of youth turn into stories of wisdom.

You grow older with age. More work, you pile onto your plate.

Crossing out one goal after the next.

Still, there’s no time to rest. It’s a race against time.

There’s just so much to do…

There’s just so much to see…

It becomes a self-governed prison. Yet there is no escape.

Because sure, you’re making it…

But are you even enjoying it?

I wasn’t.

At least, not for a long time.

And so, I have since then come to realize that it’s smart to light fire to our to-do lists every now and then. And just take a break.

This weekend, I had the mother of all to-do lists to get through.

But instead of working tirelessly through the weekend…

I sat still, slowed down and stopped.

I hung out with loved ones and spent time thinking.

By doing so, I regained a much better appreciation for my life. And the people in it.

I didn’t get a thing done.

But at the same time…

I got so much done.

Tej Dosa
4:15 pm
Vancouver, BC