How To Live Each Day Like It’s Your Birthday

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Recall a birthday of yours. Birthdays are meant to be fun and glamorous. Hence living each day like it’s your birthday would really lead to one extraordinary life.

Now I don’t mean, partying each day as if its your birthday. No. Although that would be pretty fun, you wouldn’t amount too much. I want to focus on living each day with that amazing feeling that comes along with your birthday.

The feeling you get which tells you, you’re alive and fills you with energy.

Recall a birthday of yours when you were a child. Do you remember how excited you used to get? This is the feeling we want to have each and everyday. It should be your aim to greet each day with this exact same feeling so lets get to it.

How To Live Each Day As If It’s Your Birthday

1. Be anxious for tomorrow

If you fall in the habit of classifying each day as the same, you are bound to repeat what you did today, tomorrow and hence you won’t really live out an extraordinary life.

On the other hand, if you go to bed pumped up for what tomorrow may bring, you are more inclined to have a great tomorrow.

Don’t characterize your days with similarity. Each day only comes along once, so you need to live it to the limit.

Greet each day as if it was your birthday.

When tomorrow comes, meet it with open arms.

2. Smile

Simply smile.

Smiling is known to uplift moods. When you’re feeling down and nothing seems to be going your way, just crack a smile.

3. Let your energy be infectious

When it’s your birthday, you have this natural glow to yourself. People can sense something is different about you.

You need to keep this glow with you at all times. The way you do this is by letting your energy be infectious.

Be upbeat, be enthusiastic, uplift the spirits of those around you.

4. Have fun

Do something unique and new each day. Life is all about trying new things.

Don’t fall victim to the predicament of doing the same things day in and day out.

Spice it up. Go out and try things that you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t be scared.

5. Be confident

Walk around as if you are the man (or woman). This tip goes hand in hand with tip number three.

That glow you gain is by being upbeat and also by being confident.

6. Don’t let nothing ruin your day

A lot of people tend to let stuff get to them. You need to sort of develop a shield. A shield which directs negative events away from you and hence doesn’t let them influence your mind.

You have absolute control over your mind.

If you characterize your mind with positivity, your day will be positive. However if you are always thinking about all the negative what ifs, you’ll eventually attract them into your day.

So focus on the good.

7. Let go

Let go of the stress and all the negative emotions. What’s the point of characterizing your mind with all that burden if we’re all going to die in the end?

There is no point. So simply let go and just live.