How to Live Life Like a King

Exactly four years ago, I quit my job.

I’ve had enough.

I stacked enough dough to get me through the next six months.

The rest I’d figure out on my own.

Was I scared? No. I was fucking terrified.


Fast forward to October 1, 2014.


I woke up with a smile.

The sun was beaming into my room through the drapes.

It was a warm fall morning.

The clock read 7:55 am.

5 minutes ahead of schedule. Awesome!

Before I proceeded to tackle the day, I did what I always do.

I followed my morning routine.

I meditated for twenty minutes, I read for twenty minutes, and I reviewed my vision board/goals for twenty minutes.

When I finished, I took a cold shower.

Motivated, energized, and ready to kick ass. The feelings I cultivate every morning before I leave my bed room.

What magic would this day hold? It was completely up to me.

What would I do today? It was completely up to me.

How long would I work today? It was completely up to me.

I was in control.

I had the freedom to spend my time chasing my dream. The freedom to create my own schedule. The freedom to use the paintbrush to paint whatever picture I wanted my day to represent.

I didn’t have to rush to a job.

I didn’t have to sit in traffic.

I didn’t have to answer to a boss.

I didn’t have to do shit I fucking despised.

Heck, I didn’t even have to leave my house if I didn’t want to.

I was free.

Free to live life on my own terms.

And that’s exactly what I spent the day doing.

I did what I wanted to do, I did what I loved to do.

I wrote a few chapters  for my book, I brainstormed potential articles for my blog, I developed a rough business plan for my upcoming venture, and I spent the remainder of my day chilling with a cute female.

It wasn’t too exciting, but I lived the day on my terms.

Because of that, when the clock struck 12 am, and it was time to retire the day.

I retired the day with a smile.

I woke up with a smile and I went to sleep with a smile.

I was far from rich, but I was happy.

I was happy because I was chasing my dream.

As long as you can do that, my friend, you are successful.


When you reach the point where you can live life on your terms, you’re successful.

Control over your life is so fucking important.

People are miserable because they let other people control their day.

I was miserable because my boss was in control of my life.

Don’t let anyone else sit in the drivers seat of the car you call life.

Wear your own crown on your own head.

You’re a king, baby. Act like it.

You’ll never be happy until you reclaim your power.

You cannot continue to live life at the mercy of others.

I cannot stress this point enough, but I understand the reality.

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Most people can’t just get up and quit. I could because I was young and had no real responsibilities.

You may have a family to support.

You may have a mortgage to pay.

You may have kids to look after.

I get this, I really do, but you cannot let this stop you.

I understand that you may not be able to control your day today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to control your day tomorrow.

You need to keep hustling and keep stacking your paper until you can get to the point where you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Make freedom your goal.

Money is required to achieve this goal, let’s not kid ourselves.

So what you need to do is simple.

You need to work like no one will so you can live like no one can.

In the meantime, you need to live minimal, live simple, and live pure.

Most importantly, you need to use your money to buy freedom, not possessions.

Stop spending your money on useless shit.

You don’t need the new TV, the new iPhone 6, or the new sofa.

Fuck all that shit.

What you need is freedom.

What you need is control.

So make that your goal.

That’s what I did.

While my friends were out partying and buying cool clothes, I dressed like Shia Labeouf, in other words, I dressed like I was homeless lol.

I saved my money to buy time. Time to chase my own dream. Time to create my ideal life.

I’m still using that time today.

I end this article with a quote from Dan Bilzerian which pretty much sums up everything,

“Be rich enough that nobody can tell you what to do.”