How To Live A Memorable Life

Life is sacred so you need to enjoy it. At the end of the day your aim should be to have lived an enjoyable and memorable life not a boring life that was lived according to others expectations. Those who aim to please others throughout their life understand this lesson a little too late. Please yourself and put yourself first before you do something for others is a primary lesson one should follow in order to live a fantastic life. But it goes much further than that.

Life is all about creating memories and engaging in some remarkable activities that results in legacies being formed. People now a days are so involved in the daily grind that they fail to realize just how lucky they are. They fail to take a step back and realize the opportunities they are presented with.  On the other hand, some individuals truly do live life to the fullest. It seems as if this is becoming much rarer because people are losing sight of the beauty that life has to offer.

So with that stated, what are the factors that determines who lives a great life and who engages in just a mediocre life? Is it all dependent on the person?

Well in my perspective I think it has a lot to do with ones outlook on life. Some people have a  mentality that is all about living life, whereas others simply let the events of their lives control them. The former take the initiative and work to enjoy each day, whereas the latter are simply swayed along with whatever the day brings.

Now that you have become aware of the two different perspectives, if you find yourself in the latter and are in need of some change in order to live a much more memorable life you can accomplish this quite easily.

How To Live An Enjoyable Life

The way to go about enriching your days on this planet is to ask yourself this one simple question when deciding to engage in any activity…

Will I regret doing this or not doing this when I’m old and gray and confined to a bed? 

The answer to this question shall result in you engaging in some marvelous activities that greatly improves the quality of your life and heck that is what living is all about. The people who have the greatest quality of life are the ones who enjoy life and live it to the fullest. So this is a great way to make your life quite enjoyable.

I recommend that you create a life long bucket list and begin to knock things down from your list day in and day out. Each day aim to eliminate something off your list. By doing so you will do away with the trap that most people fall into which is they leave the activities they want to do until a later date and that date continues to get pushed back until they can no longer engage in it. Another benefit of creating a list is it keeps your mind from falling victim to the “different day, same shit” mentality. By always doing something exciting you begin to take the steering wheel of your own life and in return really do live a great life.

I recommend that you watch MTV’s Buried Life and really adopt the mentality that those kids have and begin your quest to cross out activities from your own bucket list. The way to go about selecting what to do and what not to do can be made easier by asking yourself the question above.

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