Live Passionately or Die Regretfully

Ultimately there are only two types of people who reside in this world…

1. Those that die on their feet


2. Those that live on their knees

The former group is made up of the successful, the elite, and the warriors who refuse to back down. These people stand for something in life. They are far from average. The people in this category have a vision and they have goals. They give their mind direction. They don’t let petty things in life distract them from fulfilling their aspirations.

Although a large percentage of the worlds population would like to reside in this category, the reality of the situation is the majority are not made for this type of life.

The majority live on their knees.

Allow me to show you why this is so by taking the typical average person into account. The average person usually has a 9-5 gig. A 9-5 is a perfect example of a life that is lived on ones knees. The reason for this is because the average rarely fulfill their own dreams by working a 9-5. Instead they are a pawn. They are a pawn because they make moves for the king. The king is their boss.

The king provides the pawn with security and some income and by doing so the king has complete control over the pawn.

The king has the pawn living on his/her knees.

I know this is a rather extreme example, but I want to use it to give you clarity.

I want you to think about what I just said, the thing about pawns and kings.

Now ask yourself, isn’t this true?

If you’re working a 9-5 aren’t you the pawn? Doesn’t your boss (the king) hold considerable power over you? Do you not see what is going on here? Your boss is pulling your strings in accordance with his/her vision. The king is using you in order to make his/her dreams a reality. In exchange for your services, the king provides you with a salary and security.

Of course there is nothing wrong with this. I don’t mean to state that being a pawn is wrong in any shape or form. In fact we need pawns.

Pawns play a vital role in society. If it weren’t for pawns, success for kings would be far less likely.

Therefore, I’m not saying that you need to move from pawn to king. No. If you’re content with being a pawn, be a pawn.

However, for the most part, us dream chasers are not pawns. We are kings. We are the ones that hire pawns. We are the ones that live on our feet and employ those that choose to live on their knees.

So I ask you…

Are you a pawn or a king? Are you a victim of societies expectations or are you following your own path in life and in return creating your own lane?

Now that you know the two distinct categories, allow me if you would to make them a tad bit clearer by asking you the following question…

Will you live passively on your knees, at the mercy of others, or will you live on your feet, taking risks and facing the dangers that come with this way of life?

The choice is completely up to you, of course.

However, your decision will influence the rest of your life as it will impact the quality of your life so choose wisely.

With that stated, since this is a big decision indeed, I would like to show you some of the pros and cons that are attached to each category.

Pros And Cons Associated With Living On Your Knees

– Security
– Steady paycheque (you’ll know for sure when and where your next paycheque is coming from since this lifestyle brings forth minimal risks)
– Your quality of life will be fairly good (middle class) if you choose a great king

– Your dreams will be sacrificed
– You’ll be living out a mediocre life
– Lack fulfillment
– Most likely, you’ll be filled with regret when you’re on your death bed
– You’ll be just another person who lived and died without adding any real value to the world

Pros And Cons Associated With Living On Your Feet

– You can have your dream life and everything that comes with it
– You have the opportunity to make your name a household name
– You can leave a legacy that will be honored with every new sunrise
– The world could be yours
– You’ll be fulfilled
– You’ll be all smiles when it’s your turn to meet the reaper

– Security is hard to come by (since you’re living on your feet and chasing your dream with full force, you won’t be guaranteed success. The only security you’ll get comes with the success you earn)
– You may fail
– High risk

Although there are many more pros and cons, the ones above are the ones that I wanted to draw your attention to.

Obviously one category involves risk and with it comes large benefits, whereas the other contains minimal risk and in return minimal benefits.

Well there you have it.

If you ask me, we have to take into consideration that we only get one kick at the can when deciding what category we want to live in.

Life only comes once so why not risk it all and go after our dream with full force like a raging bull? Don’t you owe it to yourself? More importantly, don’t you owe it to the world?

What’s the point of living a mediocre life at the mercy of others? Isn’t this your life? Shouldn’t you have full control? Why would you accept mediocrity when you could spend your days living on your feet and in return chasing greatness?

Of course these are just my thoughts, the decision is in your hands.

I wish you luck. Think about it, make your decision, and make sure your actions are in accordance with your decision. Don’t just talk about it, be about it, regardless of what path you choose to follow.