How To Live With The Pressure To Succeed

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Pressure is all around us. Some of us have pressure put upon us from our parents to succeed, whereas others put pressure on themselves. Regardless of the source of pressure, it’s apparent that dealing with the pressure to succeed is crucial.

When we have big dreams, we have more pressure to succeed when compared to the next person. As a result, some of us crack under pressure, whereas others strive. The way you handle pressure determines a lot.

I used to belong to the category of people who would let pressure break them, but slowly I diverged into the latter group, the group which thrives under pressure.

Below our four tips I used in order to change categories.

1. Detach yourself from the expectations of others

You can only blossom in life when you decide to live only for yourself. The only thing that matters is what you think and what you believe. The expectations of others are irrelevant. The expectations of others bring forth pressure which is unnecessary.

Are you on earth to please yourself or please others? Choose wisely because when death draws near, you’re going to be the one who is going to have to live with the way you lived your life.

I recommend you remove this unnecessary pressure. Its setting limits on your mind. By trying to live up to the expectations of others, you are setting forth a glass ceiling. For the most part, the expectations set by others aren’t even something we want to fulfill, but we sort of feel a need in order to show our worth, but F this mentality. This mentality is a sure road to mediocrity.

Average people live to impress other average people.

Great people live to impress themselves.

The way you impress yourself is by setting your own expectations and reaching them.

All of this pressure put on your shoulders by others is extra pressure which you don’t need. If you are like most, you have enough pressure on your plate so remove yourself from these external pressures and free up not only your plate, but your mind as well.

2. Detach yourself from the outcome

This might be the ultimate tip.

I’ve found this tip to be very useful. I’ve discovered that we let the pressure get to us when we are so concerned about the outcome. Ironically, the more you have invested in the outcome, the more badly you perform, on average. This is so because our emotions tend to mess us up.

On the other hand, I discovered that when I detach myself from the end result, I tend to do much better. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but you should try it.

You need to possess the, I don’t give a F mentality. Now this doesn’t mean, you don’t try your hardest or you don’t do everything in your power to get the result you want. This just means you don’t give a F about the result. I mean, surely you care, but it’s not going to make or break you.

By thinking like this, you’ll keep your emotions on the sidelines and in return you’ll be in a much better position to actually achieve the result you desire.

3. Prepare

You know how in school they told you the best way to deal with the stress that comes along with exams is by being prepared? Well the same principle applies to success. The best way to deal with the pressure to succeed is by being prepared. You prepare by doing everything you can in order to ensure success. From working like crazy to bettering yourself.

The more you prepare, the less pressure you will feel. Do everything in your control to ensure success and forget about everything else.

4. Let the pressure to succeed motivate you to kill it

Wake up each day as if you have a ticking time bomb attached to your body. Your objective is to succeed. Let that ticking time bomb signify pressure to succeed.

You should let the pressure motivate you. You should use this pressure to go hard every chance you get. Be the first one in your office, be the last one to leave. Give it everything you have on every assignment. Launch the best of the best products.

It’s also important to realize that the time bomb will in fact blow up one day. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to succeed, now.

You may not have another day. You don’t have the luxury to put off your dreams for tomorrow. You need to make a move and you need to do it TODAY.