How Would You Spend Today, If You Knew You Were Going To Die Tomorrow?

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Life can get awfully crazy. It moves fast. It sort of seems as if you just wake up one day and you’re thirty, you wake up the next day and you’re forty and on and on. This is how it truly seems. As a result, in between those days, some of us lose sight of what truly matters.

We fall victim to the illusions such as impressing others and accumulating riches. Hence, a lot of us take on jobs we truly despise just for the paycheck we receive at the end of the week. Is this a life worth living? Are you living for a piece of paper when you should really be living to live?

If today was your last day and tomorrow wasn’t going to be a possibility for you and you had to spend today working, would you be content doing what you are currently doing with your time?

Would your job please you?

I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Would you live life in the same manner you are currently living in?

Would you do the same things? Would you interact the same way with those around you?

We sort of fall victim to life and get sucked up in the daily grind that we begin to take our time for granite. However, time waits for no one. When your day arrives, it arrives. There is no opportunity to hit that try again button once you meet your maker.

As a result, if today was your last day and you only had this one shot to make your dreams a reality…

Would you let fear stop you?

A lot of us aren’t successful, not because we don’t have what it takes to succeed, but because we are afraid. We’re afraid of something, whether that be fear of failure or fear of success. Whatever it is, it’s truly irrelevant if you actually think about it.

I’m willing to bet if today was the last day of your life, you’d feel everything, but fear when it comes to pursuing your dreams. So why are you feeling fear now? How come you cannot act in the same manner you would behave in if today was actually your last day?

In my perspective it has a lot to do with the conditioning you received. Society has conditioned us to be afraid. For instance, the news tells us we should be afraid of crime. The paper tells us we should be afraid of scams. Our neighbors tell us we should be afraid of not having enough money to retire.

Fear is all around us.

The media thrives by installing fear in you. However, although some of this fear is rational, this habit of constantly being afraid has been rubbed off onto other areas of people’s lives and as a result a lot of people are afraid to begin and hence they never do when it comes to pursuing their dreams.

This is the wrong mentality to have because you cannot be afraid of life.  I’m not saying bad things aren’t going to happen. What I’m saying is, bad things are going to happen whether or not you chase your dreams because bad things are like good things; they are a key component of life.

You cannot be afraid to feel embarrassment or to strike out when it comes time to swing. If you were dying, would you be afraid to chase your dreams? Would you be afraid to give it everything you have? I’d bet my last dollar on you not being afraid.

This is how you need to behave.

This in return brings me to my next question…

Would you let doubts creep in and keep you from trying?

Doubts kill more dreams than anything else in this world. Doubts kill more dreams than failure because unlike failure, doubts keep a person from taking action.

A lot of people have talked themselves out of greatness. They could have gone on to become one of the greatest human beings to ever step foot on this planet, but they listened to that voice inside their head. As a result, they never pursued their dreams and hence remained mediocre.

So with that said, if today was your last day on earth, would you give in to your doubts? Would you fall victim to that voice inside your head? Again I’d bet my existence on you doing away with your doubts which in return brings me to my next question…

Would you fall victim to the opinions of others?

The mediocre people you see around you, all had dreams. They were no different than you and I. However, a lot of them got on the road which ended with mediocrity because they listened to what others had to say.

“You can’t do that, ARE YOU CRAZY? YOU’RE going to do that? Get out of here.”

Comments like the one above kept their dreams just that, dreams because they began to believe what those around them had to say.

However, if death was promised to come to you when the clock struck twelve, would you listen to the negativity that surrounds you or would you ignore their opinions and do what you were meant to do with your life?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, when death comes, you’re not going to worry about your fears, your doubts, or what others had to say about you, The only thing you’re going to be concerned about is the way you lived your life and more importantly whether or not you created your dream life.

So with that stated, the reality of the situation is there may not be a tomorrow for you. Tomorrow isn’t promised, we only got today. You only got today to make your dreams a reality.

It’s go time. No more horseplay. If you want it, you take it.

Stop giving in to fears, doubts, and the opinions of those who don’t matter. Instead take charge of your life because the only thing that’s worse than death is a regret filled coffin.

For that reason, you need to take control. Realize your decisions create your life.

Be great. Screw mediocrity.

I know it’s the greatest cliché in the world, but live each day like it’s your last…because one day you’ll be right.

One day the sun is going to come creeping through the clouds and you aren’t going to be here to greet it. You’ll no longer be a member of this world. However, your name will survive as well as your spirit. Make sure your name is worth remembering.