Are You Losing Your Balance?

Lets rewind life a bit.

Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? A two wheeler?

If you’re like most, you probably remember the process, although it’s probably very blurry. However, you probably recall losing your balance and falling over a few times. In fact some of you may have some scars from your learning experience. Regardless, we all lost our balance. No one got on the bike and learned to ride it without falling over a few times. It was a process.

Anyways, when I learned to ride a bike, I was having trouble keeping my balance.

Then my Uncle told me, “you only lose your balance when you’re stationary, keep pedaling,  keep moving forward and you’ll keep your balance.”

At that time, I used his words of wisdom to learn how to ride a bike. When I felt myself losing my balance, I just pedaled faster until I was off for the races. That was then and this is now.

Now I realize that his words of wisdom not only apply to learning how to ride a bike, but they apply to success and more importantly, life.

You see, in life we are all bound to stumble and fall. We are all bound to fail at some things. There isn’t one person on this planet that hasn’t failed at something.

Think of the most successful person and if you examine their life you’ll realize that they have failed over and over.

This is common.

We all fall every now and then.

But losing our balance isn’t common.

The successful don’t lose their balance.

A lot of the average do instead. After they fail at something they become discouraged. This is a form of losing ones balance.

Now in order to prevent this, lets apply what my Uncle told me when I was learning how to ride a two wheeler.

“You only lose your balance when you’re stagnant, keep pedaling, keep moving forward.”

This quote holds the secret to never losing your balance.

In life we only lose our balance when we stop chasing our dream. We lose our balance when we wake up next month in the same position we are in this month.

If you’re aren’t moving forward and aren’t progressing in life, you are bound to lose your balance.

Therefore in order to overcome this, you have to keep it moving. You have to keep moving forward in life. If you wake up tomorrow better than you were today, you will never lose your balance.

Instead you’ll claim success.

This may seem like common sense, however if it was common sense, more people should be achieving massive success, but they aren’t.

The problem is they settle.

The average settle. They reach a stage in life where they have accomplished some sort of success and then they stop. They leave it at that.

Instead of progressing forward, they work on maintaining their success. Ironically this is where they fail.

By settling, you remain in the same position. You aren’t progressing anymore. Instead you are stagnant and we all know what this means, you are bound to lose your balance in life.

This is the number one problem that keeps the mediocre, mediocre. By settling they lose out on life.

Therefore you need to take a pledge to keep moving forward and to never settle. To never remain stationary.

Always keep moving forward. Always keep pushing.

Just picture yourself learning how to ride a bike. If you want to succeed, you have to keep moving forward. You have to pedal.

The same goes for life.

If you want to succeed in life, you just have to keep it moving and keep progressing.

Lets go!

Start pedaling…