Are You A Man Or A Coward?

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Before I begin, I just want to apologize in advance for the use of the B word. I use it numerous times in this article to solely drive home a point.

Well with that out of the way, let’s begin.

This article is for all the men. More specifically, this article is for all of the men out there who are facing hard times.

Life can get very rough and gruesome at times. Life will definitely test you and see what you’re made of. A lot of people aren’t cut out for it, hence they quit. However, some find something deep down inside that results in them fighting the challenges of life, head on.

With the aid of this article, I intend to talk directly to you and in return bring out the warrior that already resides within you.

I want you to reexamine who you are. You see, people tend to get so sucked up in the BS that life throws their way, that they lose themselves.

With that stated, if you are having problems in life and are frightened, I want you to take a step back from everything and answer the following question…

Are you a man or a bitch?

Either you’re a man, or you’re a coward. Simple as that. After you come up with your answer, your job is to act out in accordance with your answer.

If you can’t come up with the answer, ill help you..


So fricken act like it.

Stop being a little wuss and whining and doing all of this other BS that is of no help. Instead act like a man and make the changes that you need to make.

This world owes you nothing.

Its all up to you.

Man the hell up and take the actions you need to take in order to transform your life into something much more meaningful.

Stop depending on others.

You won’t get anywhere by playing the role of a bitch. Whining, complaining and always playing the victim, will destroy your life.

Only cowards seek sympathy, real men get out there and do what they need to do.

This question of being a man or a bitch isn’t only relevant when you’re facing hard times, but it’s relevant for everyday life.

For example, its very relevant when considering the notion of chasing your dreams.

You can either be a little bitch and worry about what people are going to think about you if you fail. Or you can man up and say to hell with them and their opinions and instead focus on chasing your dreams will full passion.

So the bottom line is, either you’re approaching life as a man or you’re viewing life through the lens of a coward.

Which one are you?

Your life is bound to see great endeavors if you kill the voice of the coward that resides within you.

Approach each day as a man.

A man doesn’t back down.

A man doesn’t give up on his dreams.

A man doesn’t surrender.

Keep your eyes on the prize and take risks. Stop being such a damn coward. You won’t amount to anything if you’re scared (its OK to be scared, just don’t let this fear stop you from taking action).

Take the plunge. Get your feet wet. The water is never as cold as you think. Sure things may be hard, but you’re a man. It’s your job to take on the challenges of life, head on.

So with that stated, I just wanted to remind you of your true self. Chances are you may have lost touch with your masculinity.

Now that you have been reacquainted with your manhood, it’s your job to take control of your life. Take charge. Stop playing the passenger role. Be a leader. This is your life for crying out loud.

Sorry for the rant, but some peeps really need to man the hell up and take control of their life.

If you’re apart of this crew that blames others and always sits back waiting for things to happen, you need to take a step back and examine what the hell you are doing and where its getting you in life.

You probably won’t be happy with your answers so from then on make a pledge to act like a man.

Act like a true man. A man that isn’t afraid to strike out. A man that takes initiative. A man that is in the driver seat of his own life.

Hard times will soon diminish, but your character will remain.

You can either let hard times build you up or you can let them make you a bigger wuss. The choice is yours.