Merry Christmas!

“Holy fuck! The lines are so long.” 

I just stepped foot into the mall.

Yup. Guilty as charged.

Last minute Christmas shopping.

The lights were up and the ambiance was in the air.

The holidays.

Finally here.

Kids taking pictures with Santa as the parents rush through the stores in hopes of picking up that one toy that will put a million dollar smile on little Kenny’s face.

Sweat trickling down their faces as they pace through the aisles.


Today we opened the gifts.

We saw what we got and what we didn’t get.

We laughed, we rejoiced, we smiled.

We hugged, we kissed, we loved.

A beautiful day to be alive.

Regardless of all this beauty around me, I still felt miserable.

I have a bad habit of focusing on the wrong things.

I focus on objects, instead of feelings.

I focus on what I didn’t get, instead of what I got.

I focus on what I don’t have, instead of being grateful for what I do have.

Guilty as fuck.

I’ll admit it.

I’m always thinking ahead.

Always trying to get more more more.

Give me a million and I’ll find a way to be miserable until I turn it into ten million. Of course, once I make ten million, I’ll be miserable until I have 100 million.

More. More. More.

Greed. Greed. Greed.

I never appreciate what I have until it’s gone.

Today that changes.

So I’m writing this more for me than for you.

Let this be a reminder.

Whatever you have before you is enough.

Don’t let that little video of the perfect day that plays in your mind fuck you up.

Be satisfied and fulfilled.

You have enough.

You have people who love you.

What more do you need?

Fuck consumerism.

You’re in the company of loved ones.

That’s all that matters.

Enjoy your loved ones, my friend. For they are the true gifts. 

At least one of your loved ones will not make it to see next years Christmas.

For somebody, it’s going to be their last Christmas today.

So enjoy their company.

Heck it might even be your last.

So fuck the gifts and the greed.

Spread love.

Merry Christmas 🙂