Mix Confidence With Ignorance For Explosive Growth

“All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.” – Mark Twain

If you want to achieve massive success, confidence is a must.

You must walk like you own the place.

You must act like a lion with a heart filled with pride.

Don’t let anyone or anything keep you down.

A true man of confidence has purpose and the means to attain his purpose. He has the ability to rise when the world is telling him to sit. He has the guts to shine when the world is black and white. More importantly, he has the power to be who he wants to be in a world filled with cowards and stans.

As a result, be confident in who you are.

Society is bullshit.

Stop basing your perception of self off of what you see on the television.

Be who you are.

Don’t let anyone change you.

Take pride in your beauty and experience yourself fully.

Love yourself before you love another.

They might not see your value, but you must.

Their opinion does not make you, the only light that matters is the one you see yourself in.

If a person doesn’t recognize the value a diamond holds, this doesn’t mean that the diamond is no longer a diamond. This just means that the person is inaccurate.

I say that to say this…

On this journey people are bound to judge, mock, and hate you, but don’t let their opinion change your opinion. Don’t change to fit in. Remain a diamond.

In addition, be ignorant.

Be childlike.

Sometimes too much knowledge isn’t a good thing.

Too much knowledge may actually hinder your performance.

Sometimes the ones who make it to the top of the top are the ones who had no knowledge at all, they had no knowledge of the status quo. Therefore, they did it their way and by doing so they reached a level of success that was unfathomable to the rest.

As a result, put more faith in your intuition instead of your database of knowledge.

Let your intuition guide you.

Approach life from different angles.

When you do, you are bound to fuck up. This is normal, but it is through your fuck ups that you will rise.

So get out there and make mistakes.

Success only arrives through the gates called failure.

So fail often, fail fast, and fail hard.

But throughout it all, remain confident and remain ignorant.