Do You Want To Make More Money?

We live in a society where everyone wants more money.

It doesn’t matter if you ask the rich or the poor, the answer will always be, yes I want more money.

Although this is the case, you have to realize something; just because you want something doesn’t mean that you deserve it.

A lot of people just sit on their ass and list out demand after demand expecting it to fall on their lap, but life doesn’t work like that.

Life doesn’t give you want you want.

Life gives you what you deserve.

Hence, the person that just sits on their behind thinking about making millions, doesn’t make millions, he makes minimum wage.

You got to understand that we all want more, however wanting is not enough.

You cannot expect something to be yours just because you want it.

I know you know this, but it’s time for you to act like you know it.

Hence, if you want more, you have to be willing to give more.

There are people on this earth who say they want this and they want that, but their actions are not in alignment with what they desire.

They want a million dollars, yet their work ethic resembles the work ethic of a teen flipping burgers at McDonalds.

If you want to make a million dollars, you have to work like a millionaire.

Do you think it’s easy to make a million?

No it’s not.

A million dollars requires a ton of work.

That is why only a few achieve this milestone.

Simply put, if you want more, you have to contribute more.

This rule doesn’t just apply to money; it applies to anything you desire.

We as a society have become very lazy.

We desire a lot of things, yet we are not willing to put in the work to fulfill our wants. Hence, we just live aimlessly and continue to bitch and moan about things not going our way.

In order for things to go your way, you first have to get off your ass.

Quit the whining and the fussing.

Take the energy you devote to complaining and put that to some productive use.

Right now you may be looking at the Jay Z’s, Kanye West’s, Donald Trump’s, and the Richard Branson’s of the world thinking, “Damn, how the hell did they get where they are today?”

Well I’ll tell you how they got to the top…

They were simply willing to do what others were not.

They first came up with what they wanted and then they determined what was needed of them to achieve what they wanted.

They simply aligned their input with their output.

If they said they wanted to become a hip hop mogul, they didn’t just work like an aimless rapper trying to make it; they worked as if they were striving to be a hip hop mogul.

They just didn’t record when they felt like it, they recorded every single day.

They gave their life and their time in exchange for being a hip hop mogul.

Of course the people on the outside don’t see the years of blood, sweat, and tears that went into making a successful person, successful. They just see the glamour and the diamonds. They don’t see the pain, heartache, and the frustration that one needed to endure in order to succeed; they just see fancy cars and mansions.

Hence this brings me back to the main point, everyone wants to be a millionaire, but not everyone is willing to do the work that is required to generate a million dollars.

People want the millionaire’s lifestyle, but they don’t want to live the life the millionaire lived when he/she was striving to make a million dollars and that is exactly why average people rarely go on to become millionaires.

To put it bluntly, the reason why some achieve success and some don’t is because the ones who achieve success are the same ones who put in what they want out.

If they want to create a billion dollar business, they put in the level of work that is needed in order to create a billion dollar business.

They’re not out partying, they’re inside working.

They’re not sleeping till 7 AM, they’re up early and on the grind.

They’re not wasting time doing aimless shit, they are out and about doing things that are necessary to put themselves in that billion dollar bracket.

Hence, you get what you put in.

Don’t just say you want something; be willing to prove you want it by working for it.

As a result, the reason why a lot of people don’t become successful is because although they say they want to be successful, they are not willing to do what is required of them in order to see success.

Their actions don’t align with their wants.

They say they want success, yet they live as if they are striving for mediocrity.

Think about it. Truly take time out and think…

Are your actions in alignment with your dreams?

Be real with yourself.

If not, it’s time for you to give more and contribute more so you’ll get more in return.

The bigger the dream, the harder you have to work to achieve it.

Don’t just say you want it, be willing to do what is required to get it.