How To Murder Life

Fuck reading my blog. You don’t need it.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll be exactly where you are a year from now. This is the reality I want you to avoid. For I don’t want you to grow older, but remain stagnant. It’s a disease that cripples far too many people. And it keeps them confined to a life spent on the sidelines. A life lived on the sidelines is not a life worth living. Yet we live it everyday.

Everyday we’re scared to get in the game. Everyday we’re scared to risk it. I know I am.

And that’s why we read these bullshit articles, that’s why we watch those bullshit inspirational videos, and that’s why we’ll never ever bring our huge goals to life. We’ll just drift from one pursuit to another without ever achieving anything.

I don’t want that for you. I don’t want that for me.

I want you to stop reading and start doing.

Do anything. And stop thinking, “What if it doesn’t work?”

These thoughts keep you stagnant. If you think these thoughts, you keep yourself from starting. If you keep yourself from starting, you’ve failed by default.

The brain is crazy, my friend. The thing we try to avoid, we soon become.

If you try to avoid failure, you’ll become a failure because you’ll never begin. You’ll never start. And that’s what you see happening all around you. You see people who have already given up on life. They’re scared to live. They’re scared to fail. And that’s why they’re failures by default. It’s scary, I know. But nothing I say or do is going to make the leap any less scarier.

I can only give you the game. And I already did. I don’t have anything left to give. I can only write the same article with different words for so long. The rest is up to you.

So take your life, pick your one main goal, and break it down into 5 years, 3 years, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week, and today. Then wake up in the morning and write 5-7 tasks you need to do to bring your 5 year plan to life. Then, do it.

And forget about everything else because that’s all you need. You don’t need my blog.

So leave. And start living.

It’s time the bird leaves the nest. Flap your wings and fly, my friend.

I’ll meet you in the sky, some day.

Tej Dosa
12:01 am
Vancouver, BC