What Is Your Name Going To Be Associated With?

Arguably, the most unique thing about each and everyone of us is our name. We all each have different and special names that our parents or someone else has come up with. Your name is most likely very sacred to you. A recent study done by a psychologist that I can’t seem to remember stated that the number one thing people like hearing is their name. With that said, all though this is not what this article is about, using peoples first name in particular is usually really powerful in establishing a great relationship. This is obviously very important for networking purposes.

Anyways, let’s get back to the scope of this article.

What Is Your Name Going To Be Associated With?
Every single individual that has achieved something extraordinary or who is a legend in their own right has something very great associated to their name. Ultimately your legacy gets associated to your name. What I mean by this is, when someone mentions your name this leads to one receiving a mental impression of what you are or were like. For instance, what visual presence/feelings does the name Michael Jordan bring up? In my mind, when I hear this name it ultimately leads to me forming a powerful association to someone legendary, the greatest NBA player of all time. This is very powerful to those who are concerned with leaving a legacy that will be honored for centuries to come, well after your last breath.

In psychology they refer to this principle as conditoning. Conditioning is ultimately being exposed to someome on a repitive basis that we begin to associate a certain feeling to them. Therefore this explains the link I have established to Michael Jordan. You see, Jordan gave it his all and this led me to form the impression of him being one of the best players to ever touch a basketball. In return, these feelings began to be associated to the name Michael Jordan. This occured after Jordan put on one memorable performances after another.

What I’m trying to illustrate here is what you do in life is going to ultimately be associated to your name when it is all set and done. If you want to become the greatest or a legend then you simply have to start doing extraordinary things while you are granted life on earth. This is how legacies are formed.

For me personally, when someone mentions my name well after I am gone I would like them to feel a feeling and gain a visual of someone who has created a ding in the universe. Therefore, I live everyday to create an impact. I am to be the cause in the world and will not serve as the effect.

This begs the question, what do you want your name to be associated with when it’s all set and done? Michael Jordan symbolizes the greatest basketball player, Tupac Shakur signifies the greatest rapper, Wayne Gretzky represents the greatest hockey player, what is (insert your name here) going to symbolize?

You need to find the answer to this questiom from the depths of your soul and go out and live up to it so when it is all over people will automatically associate your name to your legacy.