NTS: You’re never too busy.

If life was a horse. I’d be on the ground. Looking up.





I mean, it’s been a while. Hasn’t it? Since I last wrote.

My bad. I fell off the horse.

I can sit here and say I was busy. I wasn’t.

Well, I was.

But that doesn’t really matter.

Because once the months pass and you’re left looking older…

What do you have to show for all the time you spent, all the long nights you put in, and all the hustle you gave to the world?

That’s the real question. The only question I care about.

Because let’s face it…

If you have nothing to show for all your hustle…

Did you actually get anything worthwhile done?

Sure you may have been busy.

But that doesn’t mean you were busy doing the right things.

There’s a difference. A major difference between the two.

The days I do big things, I have so much time. I feel so much lighter. And I actually shorten the distance that stands between myself and my dream life.

The days I’m busy, I’m running around. Shoulders with no head. I’m crossing out one task after another. But I feel heavy. Like a sheep. And I travel further from the vision that plays on loop inside my head.

Can you relate?

Thought so.

A lot of people boast about working 16 hours a day. About being busy. About working till their eyes bleed. That’s all fine and well. Work ethic is important.

But majority of the stuff people work on doesn’t matter 2 weeks from now.

I know because I do it too.

Tasks that seem so important. Life and death stuff. But it all ceases to matter. In the end.

There’s only a small portion that matters. Your job is to turn that small portion into a big portion so you can create a meaningful life.

Once you do, you’ll realize ‘business’ is a disease that society celebrates. It’s a sickening addition. Break up with it.

I never wanted to be busy. I only wanted to do big things.

But I drifted far and away from doing big things.

Business puts blinders on us until all we see are leaves. Instead of the forest. It’s the forest that matters. In the end.

I’m learning to fix my gaze.

It starts by zooming out.

And seeing where you’re going wrong.

One of my wrongs was not writing for over a month or so.

I fixed that wrong. And now I feel lighter.

Much lighter.

Now it’s your turn.


What wrong will you right today…

Or are you ‘too busy’ to give a damn?

Tej Dosa
4:20 pm
Vancouver, BC

Posted in NTS
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