A Page From My Notebook: 1st Day In A New World

I was nervous. And afraid. 


I dropped my bags in my room. Then stepped outside.


Put the key in the hole. And twisted it.


This was going to be home for the next half year.


I soaked it in. And the realization left me dazed with excitement and terror. It was the perfect blend. I’d drink from this fountain every day if I could.


Then I walked. And walked. And walked.


Until the sky above me turned from blue to grey. 


I knew I had to document it all. 


So I put my limiting beliefs away.


Walked to the bookstore. And picked out a new notebook.


Then I found a tree.


Under it, I sat.


And opened the notebook to the first page. It was unfilled.


No different from my life. At this point, I had a lot of dreams. But I didn’t really have much going for myself. Needless to say, I was struggling. And afraid. 


What’s worst is I didn’t have anything to say…


Or I did, but the first page of a new notebook is always too intimidating. And words can never do it justice…no matter what they say. Trust me, I’ve tried.


And so I did what I always do to get over the hump. I like to purposely ruin the first page of a fresh new notebook with a horrible illustration.


And so that’s what I did.


Sitting alone…


Under a tree…


During a breezy summer evening…


In Southern California…


I drew…


The trajectory of my life…


And the decisions I made…


Hoping one day I would look back at this drawing and say…


“This was the moment I broke free from society and decided to live life my way.”

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