How To Know If You Are On The Right Path

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Sometimes in life we tend to go in circles. Sometimes we don’t really know what we are doing. Instead we just do what seems right and hope for the best. Although this is better than doing nothing, this method is obviously not the best one.

When on the road to success you have to make sure you’re moving forward and are not regressing or remaining still. For some it may seem as if you’re moving forward, however in reality you really aren’t.

Therefore this level of clarity is essential. You need to be positive that you are moving towards success and not away from it. So how do you accomplish this?

Well for the most part your actions can determine this for you. You know what your dream is and you know the actions that will get you closer to your dreams, therefore all you really have to do is analyze your actions and be honest with yourself when you decide whether or not your actions are significantly moving you towards your dreams.

This is common sense. Nothing special, however a lot of people don’t really do this. Instead they just hope for the best.

That was something obvious. Now lets move to something a tad bit more complex.

The quote below really strengthens this concept and in return will allow you to gain the clarity you need in order to determine if you’re on the right path…

“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” – TG

Now the question is…

When looking at your professional matters, are you building your dream? OR are you working for someone and in return helping build their dreams?

Interesting isn’t it? Really gives you clarity.

If you’re like most and you’re working nine to five, I’m assuming that this isn’t your dream. Instead what you are really doing is helping your boss achieve his/her dreams. You see by busting your ass day in and day out, you aren’t really reaping the greatest benefits instead your boss is. Hence your work ethic isn’t really contributing to the manifestation of your dream instead it’s helping your boss accomplish his/her dream. For instance if your boss’s dream is to build the greatest company this world has ever see, you are helping him/her create that dream. Now there isn’t anything wrong with this if your dream fits under your bosses somehow. For instance if your dream is to say make a $100,000 a year and spend as much time as possible with your family, you may achieve this dream while simultaneously helping your boss achieve his/her dream. However what I find is for the most part people have really sacrificed their dream for someone else’s dream. If this sounds like you, you’re on the wrong track. You ARE NOT on the right path.

You need to get back to creating your own dream. You need to stop aiding the creation of someone else’s dream. Instead you need to find the courage to chase your own dream and hire others to help you build your dream. Did you get that? You need to make the transition from pawn to king and hire pawns of your own. 

By doing so and aligning others to the creation of your dream, you will become the head and in return the efforts of others will be directly related to the creation of your dream.

Now this doesn’t mean that everyone should go out and become an entrepreneur or whatnot. I’m just stating that make sure your life is aligned to building your dream and not somebody else’s.

If your focused on building your dream, you are definitely on the right path. All you have to do is keep going and never say “I GIVE UP.” If you can do that, success is coming.