Are You Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Lose?

How are you spending the days of your life? Are you approaching life expecting to win? Or are you playing not to lose?

The answer to this question truly determines a lot. For one, it determines the quality of your life. Either you’re going to be living it up or you’re going to be hit with the reality that mediocrity brings forth.

Ultimately, in order to become a huge success in life, you have to play to win. Playing to not lose is basically the same as playing it safe.

Playing it safe will never get you anything worth having. You’ll never become a legend. You’ll never become a success. You’ll never become someone who created a ding in the universe…if you play it safe.

You have to take risks. The only way you can do this is by playing to win. Sure, you may fall flat on your face, but since this type of approach brings forth greater risks, it also possesses higher benefits. Therefore, if you truly want to push your life to the limit, you have to approach each day wanting to win. The difference is when you play to win, you risk losing. You might lose or you might win. There’s no in between. There is no safety margin. You’re truly living life on the edge.

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Although this may seem frightening to most, this is where those who make the impossible, possible reside. This is where those who move mountains reside. This is where those who achieve tremendous accomplishments reside.

For instance, a study was done on top level investors and mediocre investors and the results were quite fascinating. It was stated that the reason why the elite investors performed so well was because they played to win. When they invested their money, they expected a return, a big return. They didn’t take the safe bet expecting minimal returns.

On the other hand, the average person would invest in hopes of not losing the money he/she invested. Therefore, the return they received on their investment was very low because they never risked their money in order to reap the rewards that riskier investments brought forth.

The elite investors raked it in, whereas the mediocre investors didn’t because they played it safe. As a result, by playing to not lose their money, they ultimately ended up losing. Funny how that works, but obviously they failed to realize that.

However, you still have a chance to change your fate.

Life is all about risks. The people you see who have gone on to achieve humongous success in life all took risks. It’s the only way to truly make your dreams a reality. You have to risk your current circumstances in order to acquire the circumstances you desire.

The way you do this is by approaching your dreams as if the actions you take are going to result in success.

Stop acting as if you’re trying to avoid failure. Instead act as if you’re trying to succeed. There’s a big difference.

Take your focus off doing whatever you can to not fail and shift it towards doing things which can possibly end up in success.

Stop taking actions which keep you in the same lane and just above the fate which is characterized with failure. Instead, aim to take risks. Yes, you might fail this way. However, this is the route I recommend you follow when you are trying to manifest your dreams into reality. Otherwise, you’ll just remain stagnant your whole life.

Everyone who made their dreams a reality, played to win. In return, they gave it everything they had, day in and day out. Every drop of sweat, blood, and tears were devoted to their dreams.

Every action they took was characterized with a sense to win. From Warren Buffett to Michael Jordan.

When you reach this level, the lock which holds your dreams tucked away will open and your dream life will become a reality.

However, only a few people will reach this level because people are too afraid to take on this mentality. Instead, people are content with playing it safe.

Playing it safe = mediocrity

Playing to win = greatness

As a result, I end this article with one simple question…

Do you want to spend the rest of your life playing it safe, or do you want to grab your life by the horns, take risks, play to win, and in return steer your destiny in the direction you want it to go?

You make the call.

(Check out this video –>Ice T on “Fuck It!” it explains this concept in different terms and might just open your eyes and in return make you realize the amount of power you hold).