Your Potential Is Limitless…

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You were a free soul from the moment you took your first breath.

You were granted life and you were promised death, but what you did with the time in between was left entirely up to you.

As a result, from the beginning, the possibilities were limitless.

You could be and do anything you pleased.

Hence as a child, you possessed the sky is the limit mentality (although you obviously didn’t know it at the time).

When your parents would ask, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” You’d reply with…astronaut, police officer, entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, rapper, and on and on it went.

One answer one week and a new one the next.

This was you knowing that your potential was limitless; this was you knowing that you were at the controls; this was you knowing that you could shape and mold your life.

However, somewhere down the line, something changed…

You changed; you stopped being you once you were hit with the harsh realities that adulthood brought forth.

Once you became an adult, you were hit with responsibility and commitment. You were told to get serious about your life, you were told to do away with all your unrealistic dreams and desires.

You were told to take the safe path.

Whether you know it or not, from the jump you were conditioned to take the safe path.

You were conditioned to go to school, study hard, get a good job, get married, save for retirement, retire and then eventually die.

This was the plan that was pressed upon you from the get go.

This in return is the very plan that sucked your potential right out of you.

Hence, although at first you started out with a mind that possessed limitless possibilities, you soon began to sacrifice your big dreams for this safe and confined path.

A story that started out with limitless possibilities soon became a story that was characterized with endless limits.

As a result, you did what you were told.

You took on a job that you despised.

You sold your dreams for mediocrity.

You became a product of society.

You became a robot.

You became a slave to your job.

You worked and worked at a job you hated.

Simply put, you became one of them.

You made dough and you put your family in a comfortable situation, however beneath all of this, something was missing.

You were living a meaningless life.

You were missing the feeling that comes with achieving the most frightening of dreams.

You see, when you sold your dreams for mediocrity, something within you died.

All the possibilities and your potential died.

You went from being a high flying bird to a bird with clipped wings.

Unfortunately, what I just described above is what is going on in today’s world.

People are giving up their limitless potential for the safe path because they let the coward within them win.

As a result, the ones who go on to achieve massive success in life are the same ones who stick to their limitless potential. They are the same person now as they were when they were five years old; they still look at the world with hopeful eyes.

I said all of that, to say this…

It’s time for you to create a change.

It’s time for you to put the color back in your life.

It’s time for you to regain your potential.

I don’t care how old or how young you are, there is something you want to do, there is something you want to be, and there is something you want to achieve.

It’s itching within you.

Every day you brush it off and say, “Maybe tomorrow” or “maybe next time.”

You do so because you are looking at the world with eyes that are characterized with limits.

What I want you to do now is to remove the limits.

I want you to view the world to be a playing field, a playing field that allows you to choose whichever game you want to play.

Now, the only thing left for you to do is to pick the game called, “Chase your dreams.”

From this moment on, chase your REAL dreams, my friend, chase them.

When you do, your potential will be once again, limitless.

If however for some reason you’re on the fence, remember one thing…

If you don’t do anything about your dreams now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

I have made my case; the rest is up to you.

The only question that remains is…

Will you reclaim your limitless potential or will you die as yet another coward?