How To Predict The Future

The best way to predict the future is to create the future. The thoughts and the decisions you make today are going to influence your actions and those actions determine where you are going to be standing tomorrow. It is very important to realize the power you hold. You are the master and you hold the crystal ball in your hands. You can take your life in whatever direction you want. It’s all on you. Once you understand this and you realize that you can completely create the life of your dreams that is when you are ready for success. That is when you will put your nose to the grindstone and work until you make your dreams a reality.

On the flip side of the equation the people who never learn this simple lesson spend their whole life aimlessly. Their mentality is very different. Their mind is characterized with the thought of having no control whatsoever over the events of their life. Therefore they never do anything about anything and continue to wander around maybe one job to another never really making something out of themselves.

Hence, it is very important that you take on the former mentality.

This is usually where the self help books stop and allow you to figure out the next step on your own. However, once you have adopted the mentality of taking responsibility for your own life you can put that power to use in order to create your dream life and in a way predict exactly what the future is going to have in store for you. Sounds very bizarre indeed, but it’s the truth. Tons and tons of people have used the simple exercise I am going to teach you below in order to create their dream life.

Well, here we go!

The Ideal Day Exercise 

Step 1. Take out a crisp clean sheet of paper and title it ‘My Ideal Day’.

Step 2. Before proceeding to step three you need to characterize your mind with the mentality of thinking big. The mindset you should have when answering the questions from step three is whatever your answer is you will have so dream as big as you can. Go for it all. List it all. Dream as if whatever it is you want you can possess. 

Step 3. On the piece of paper write down what your ideal day in the future would look like. What are you doing? Where are you living? What are you driving? How happy are you? Who are you living with? What dreams have you accomplished? How successful are you? How wealthy are you? How do you look? How do you feel? How fulfilled are you as a result of having accomplished your dream(s)? What are you eating? How does your house look like? What do your days consist of? What type of lifestyle do you have? How do other people treat you? etc. 

Step 4. Read what you have written down to yourself everyday. 

By completing the exercise above you will begin to notice a very amazing thing happen. First and foremost you will have drafted up your dream life and secondly you will have gained tons of clarity, but more importantly your subconscious will take note of this and will begin to strive towards this ideal day. Our subconscious is the part of our mind that we are not fully aware of, but it influences our actions and our feelings. Believe me. Your subconscious will be wired to engage in activities and to make certain decisions that will make your ideal day a reality. It really works. The reason why it works is because we humans need direction. We need somewhere to focus our attention on. Once we focus on something we can capture it. That is why writing our goals down is so important. On the other hand, if you do not engage in this exercise and do not pin point what your ideal day is going to look like your mind will be completely unsure of what it wants so it will be pulled in every which direction making success much less likely. Hence, this is the way to go about predicting the future and making your dream life a reality. Write down everything and anything you ever wanted in life and let your subconscious direct you to the promise land.