How The Rich Differ From The Poor

If you analyze the poor and the rich, you’ll soon realize that both parties differ mentally, they think differently and hence that is why they live two very different lives.

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With that stated, below are some of the ways in which the rich and the poor differ.

1. The rich seek the entire pie, the poor work for a portion.

Wealth comes in the form of ownership. In order to become insanely wealthy, you must make the transition from employee to owner. You must build and you must create.

Either you build your own dream or you become a piece in someone else’s dream.

The rich live for themselves; they aim to chase their own dream. They go for it all. They realize that we only get one kick at the can and they are willing to acquire everything or leave empty handed.

The poor on the other hand are too scared to put their life on the line for their dreams. Instead of fighting for their dreams, they let fear defeat them. When fear wins, they lose. As a result, instead of owning the chess board, they just become a chess piece.

2. The rich act directly, the poor play it safe.

The rich are rich because they are willing to make the big splashes in life, they don’t play it safe. If anything, they play it on the edge.

Being safe gets you a safe life.

If you never dare, you’ll never do.

3. The rich add. The poor settle.

The rich take what they are given and they improve it. They don’t just settle for what is on their plate, they take it and they make it better.

The poor on the flip side are content with what they already have.

The rich possess hunger and ambition, the poor are easily satisfied.

4. The rich use their genius, the poor banish their genius.

We are all geniuses, every child is a genius.

We were all born geniuses, however our school system, our society, our peers, and our government slowly kills the genius within us.

We stop seeking and we stop learning.

We become a product of society.

We become what they want us to be.

When we conform, we are fucked.

The poor go through this struggle on a daily basis, they let society mold them into yet another person who thinks they are an individual, but in reality, they are just a by-product of someone else’s thinking.

The rich, however, don’t fall victim to this downfall. Instead of conforming, they embrace their uniqueness and they put it on full display.

They hold on to what makes them great and different.

By doing so, they pave the way for their inner genius to take over.

5. The rich maximize their brainpower; the poor don’t like to think.

The rich are always a step ahead of the herd. The poor are always the last to adapt.

The reason for this is because the poor don’t like to use their brain, they don’t like to think.

They rather take on jobs that don’t require a lot of brain power.

As a result, they just become robots who take orders.

Robots never get rich.

If you want to get rich, you have to maximize your brain power. You have to think for yourself. You have to find new solutions to old problems. You have to find new paths to the same destination. You simply have to find a better way.

6. The rich use money to make more money, the poor use money to impress others.

The rich are smart with their money, the poor are reckless.

The poor quickly give in to their impulses and they buy in order to impress.

The rich buy to get richer.

The rich buy assets, the poor buy liabilities.

That is why the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

7. The rich are aggressive hustlers; the poor are weak minded dreamers.

The poor just dream, whereas the rich actually make shit happen.

The rich are determined to shape and control their own reality and destiny; the poor fall victim to what life throws their way.

There are two types of folks on this earth, those that dream and those that do.

If you want the secret to success, here it is…

Become a doer and pursue your dreams aggressively.

You have to run faster than your dreams.

Be aggressive. Take it to the world. Take over and mold the world. You hold the power, yes YOU. We humans are powerful creatures. Your mind is your greatest ally. Lock in and do whatever it takes to succeed.