To Risk Nothing Is To Risk Everything


He wouldn’t even look at me.

I knew I had lost the deal.

There was no convincing the look of fear in his lifeless eyes.

“It’s too risky and I’ve never done this before” he said.

“OK, no worries. Maybe next time. Good day.”

“Wait…that’s it?”


I paid my bill and left. 

I didn’t tell this to him, but I’ll tell it to you.

He will never get rich because he thinks investing is gambling.

To risk nothing is to risk everything. 

Show me a man who retreats when it’s time to rise and I’ll show you a man who hasn’t lived a day in his life.

Let’s take you for example. 

How old are you?

How many days have you been alive?

Out of those days, how many days do you remember?

Divide that number by the number of days you’ve been alive.

That percentage is the quality of your life. 

Percentage aside, i’ll bet my last dollar that the days you remember are the days you took a risk. Whether it was the day you said, fuck it, and approached the hot girl who turned into your girlfriend or the day you quit your job and started your own business. Those are the moments you will never forget. 

All the other days were just a waste of your potential. Days that started out with great hope and promise, but ended as a blur. 

Most people will look back on their days and will see a blur. The reason why is because they never did put anything on the line. Fear of failure, rejection, and embarrassment kept them on the sideline.  

If your life sucks right now, it’s probably because you’ve been playing it safe and have been avoiding risk.

Break out of the funk by taking a risk. Small or big, doesn’t matter. One risk has the potential to change the course of your life. 

You’re lonely? Take a risk and approach an attractive member of the opposite sex. 

You’re broke? Take a risk and put your savings on the line and start a business. 

You’re unhappy and depressed? Take a risk, quit your job, and go travel the fucking world. 

If you still can’t muster up the courage to take the risk you’ve been putting off for months now, walk over to your nearest mirror.

Do it now.

If you’re reading this on your laptop, take your laptop with you.

I don’t care how weird it looks. 

Look yourself in the eye…and say goodbye.

Say goodbye to the person you thought you could be.

Say goodbye to the things that you thought you could do.

Say goodbye to the dreams you thought you could achieve.

Say goodbye to the success you thought you could see.

That’s the price you pay for not taking a risk. 

Now that you have said goodbye, ask yourself…

What is there left to live for (family aside)?



Life is full of risk and the moment you turn down a risk that you know you should take, you turn down life. 

If you think you can achieve your dream from the comfort of your home without risking anything, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll like to sell to you. 

Life is full of risk and danger, my friend, but from all this risk and danger come the thrills.

The thrills that make you feel alive.

The thrills that change your life.

That’s what I live for. 

I suggest you start living for the thrills as well. I can’t promise you that it will always work out, but what I can promise you is that your life will be much much funner.

The stories will be better, the laughter will be louder, and your quality of life will be greater.

Happy holidays!