Robert Greene: Why You Need To Be Self Reliant

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The following is a direct quote from Robert Greene, the author of the 48 Laws of Power and the 50th Law of Power…

“The idea is basically that you are born alone in this world and that you are going to die alone in this world. You have family, you have friends, they are important, but in the end there is no one that is really there that is going to 100% back  you up or support you.  You find out now a days that the company you work for will fire you on the spot, the state is short of shriveling away, there losing money, there not gonna be able to pay for your un-employment checks. You’re not going to be able to depend on them for anything. Your family should be there, but often times, they have their own problems and they can’t pay for everything that you want, ect. And maybe there sometimes not there for you in certain moments. So you have to learn early on in life that you are the last sort of safety net. You have to depend on your own skills, your own attitude. If you’re sitting there waiting for other people to help you, you are a loser! You are going to miss all of the opportunities that are out there. So you develop a mindset that I have to get things for myself. I have to be strong and occasionally if people are going to help me that’s great. If there is that contact out there that promised me to put me in touch with someone important and he comes through, fantastic. But I’m not going to be sitting there waiting for that to happen, and I’m not gonna be upset, depressed, or disappointed if it doesn’t happen. I am going to get things done by myself, and I’m going to learn how to do it at a very early age. I have the metaphor in the book of a guy that was on a desert island, who the story of Robison Cruso is based on. Living alone for nine months, whining to himself and feeling sorry. Then he suddenly decides that he is going to make the best of the situation. So he learns all these skills, he teaches himself how to hunt and build things. He ends up leaving the island, and after he is rescued, he looks back at how this was the greatest period of his life. Because he finally learns the skills that he needed to live, and it was a very exciting adventure. That is kind of the way you should see it for yourself.  You are on an island, and you have to learn how to fish, hunt, and make your own hut. Do it for yourself, and it makes being an Entrepreneur, which can sometimes be a daunting task, be something that is actually a lot of fun.”

Lesson: Born alone, die alone. That line just about summarizes it up.

Analyze your life right now. Your day to day actions. Are you making moves or are you sitting back and waiting? Are you the cause or are you the effect? A truly self reliant individual is one that doesn’t wait for anyone or anything. No one owes you anything in this world. The world doesn’t owe you nothing. Absolutely nothing. A lot of people have this mindset that people owe em something. This is false.

You are granted life. That is all. That’s the only thing you have and that’s the only thing you were guaranteed. What you do with this life is completely up to you. You have complete freedom. Therefore waiting for others to help you is completely useless because help is not guaranteed. Help may never come. With that stated you need to take initiative and take charge of your own life. Stop sitting back. It’s time to make things happen for yourself.