The Secrets To Steve Jobs’ Success…

I’m a huge fan of the great ones, the ones that transform the world and put the status quo to shame.

As a result, I was a huge supporter of Steve Jobs because he did just that, he was a prime example of someone who put a ding in the universe.

Simply put, he embodied greatness and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

His spirit was almost magical and as a result it always piqued my curiosity.

More specifically, I was always interested in what made him so damn remarkable. Therefore I decided to read his biographical book titled Steve Jobsby Walter Isaacson and upon doing so I believe I now understand what led to his ability to achieve the improbable.

I share with you my takeaways below.

(It’s vital you study the greats so you too can become great, therefore apply the lessons you learn below to your own life).

1. Expected greatness from himself and from everyone around him.

“The goal was never to beat the competition, or to make a lot of money. It was to do the greatest thing possible, or even a little greater.” – Steve Jobs

Steve ate, slept, and dreamt greatness.

He wouldn’t tolerate anything less than excellence.

You too need to apply this rule to your life.

No matter what you do, do it to your utmost ability.

There are too many people who go through life giving half ass efforts, these folks never get anywhere.

If you’re going to attempt something, DO IT. Actually do it. Be consumed and obsessed with it.

If it isn’t great, it isn’t worthy.

After all, if you’re going to make things in your life, you might as well make them extraordinary.

2. Ruthless.

He was brutally honest. He would tell it like it was, he didn’t hold back.

His words were like daggers, they would cut deep. However, it was because of this honesty that people learned to respect and love him.

This honesty led to great creations and a great team.

Simply put, Steve would not tolerate B or C players whatsoever.

If you weren’t an A player, you were gone.

He simply characterized his team with the best of the best.

This lesson is huge because you too need to surround yourself with the best. Stop tolerating mediocre friends. The people around you shape and mold you. Surround yourself with the very best.

In addition, speak your mind.

Say what you feel.

Step on a few toes.

Don’t be a pussy.

Cowards don’t succeed.

3. Controlled reality, didn’t let reality control him.

“Steve could convince anyone of practically anything.” – Apple’s manager of software engineering

Not only did Steve set unrealistic deadlines, but he actually got his team to meet these deadlines.

He controlled reality.

Steve was known for his reality distortion field, he could bend the reality before him into what he desired.

You too need to bend reality. When you are chasing your dreams, your reality is not going to be what you desire it to be. Therefore, you need to learn to see the light in the darkest of tunnels. Think positive and believe in your ability.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

We humans are powerful machines, once we put our mind to something and devote all our resources to it, we can and we do come out superior.

Therefore, set yourself unrealistic goals and give yourself an unrealistic deadline, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

4. Aggressive.

Steve would not rest until he possessed what he desired.

He would push through obstacle after obstacle.

It didn’t matter what was in his way, he would overcome and he would prevail.

Failure was simply not an option.

You too need to adopt this mentality, take it to the world. You are a king/queen, you got greatness within you, be aggressive and let your uniqueness blossom.

5. Ignored what others thought.

Steve did not give a single fuck about what others thought of him.

He was stubborn with his beliefs and the way he saw the world, he simply didn’t care about what anyone else thought.

The only thing that mattered was what he believed.

He realized early that others opinion does not make or break you. What others think of you is truly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Think about it…

When you are on your death bed, are you going to be concerned about what others thought of you?

I bet not.

Hence act in accordance with what you want and screw what everyone else thinks.

6. Perfectionist.

Steve cared about every single detail.

He would worry and perfect every single part, even the ones that the consumer would not see.

Steve drove himself crazy.

Mediocre minds cannot understand this level of obsession; however it was this obsession that led to the brilliance that is APPLE.

Mediocre people never become great because they don’t deliver perfection. Therefore if you want to make the transition from average to legendary, deliver perfection and deliver perfection every single day.

Consistency is key.

7. Childlike.

Curious, fueled by emotions, and driven by passion. That was Steve Jobs in a nutshell and those in return were the traits that took him from being yet another hippie to a worldwide sensation.

Those are the secrets to Steve’s success.

Your job now is to take and apply.

Apply these lessons to your own life and keep travelling down the road to success.

Have faith and carry on.

You’ll eventually reach the finish line and when you do, someone will write an article about the secrets to YOUR success.