What Separates You From Them…

If you’re a dream chaser, you’re different from the ordinary. You’re not just another average citizen. No.  You got aspirations for more and you will accumulate more. You will never settle and you will always shine. You’re a creator. You translate a vision into reality.

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Hence, there are some major differences between you and them which you need to hold onto. Never conform. Never change. Remain true and keep your uniqueness intact. So with that stated, let’s get familiar with these differences…

1. You are INTENSE

You’re enthusiastic about your dream. You don’t stay back, you charge forward. You’re hungry and you desire success. You’re eager for tomorrow at the end of each day as it’s another opportunity, a new beginning, a new chance to unlock the door which holds your wildest dreams. Your enthusiasm never dies. When others get discouraged, you get more intense.

2. You are OBSESSED

You’re obsessed with the thought of making your dream a reality. More importantly, you’re obsessed with your craft. Your dreams consume you. They burn a hole inside you which motivates you to excel. This obsession is what fuels you and is going to be responsible for taking you to the next level.

3. You are NOT NORMAL

You’re anything, but average. The mediocre people you see around you are not a reflection of you. You’re not like them because you not only have a dream, but you got the balls to pursue your dream. You’re not normal, you’re heading for greatness.

4. You say YES when others say no

When others reject opportunities, you take them on. Opportunities must be exploited. This is your philosophy and this is why you shine. You’re always on the hunt. You’re eager and you’re not only an opportunity seeker but an opportunity creator.

5. You RISE while others sleep

You learned early on that the only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams so you rise early. While they sleep, you’re up. Your head start on the world has put you ahead of many. When your competition is tucked under the covers, you’re still grinding away. Hence when you meet them, you will destroy them and they’ll probably blame it on luck, but you and I will both know that it had nothing to do with luck.

6. You are BETTER today than you were yesterday

Every day you strive to improve. You never settle. You could have made a billion dollars yesterday, but that is yesterday. Your success from yesterday does not carry over to today just like your failures from yesterday don’t cross over onto today. You know this hence you aim to increase your progress with every new sunrise.

7. You DO what others will not

The path to success is simple. You must be willing to do what others are not. You must be willing to bust your ass and never quit. Never surrender. You are a living testament to these words because you’re a true warrior. You always put your best foot forward and you always walk out superior. Even when you lose, you learn, hence you’re better off either way.

8. You CONTROL your own destiny

While others are sitting in the passenger seat, you’re in the driver’s seat. You got your hands around the steering wheel. You decide where you go. Others have granted someone else the responsibility of leading their life and their destiny such as their employer, but you are different. You realize that the only person who can launch you to new heights is yourself. As a result, you don’t accept hand outs, instead you make it on your own and in the process you create/live an extraordinary life.

Well there you have it. The eight major differences which separate you from them. If you’re a true dream chaser, you probably resonated with most if not all of the differences above. If the differences above did not seem to apply to you, you have to get on your grind and become a real dream chaser.

Your life will change the moment you make the transition from a dreamer to a dream chaser so the door is open and the path is clear, are you ready to take the dive?